Conair 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer Review



Drying and styling hairs are a big issue, especially when you have a hectic routine. Hair dryers are one of the most useful tools for styling and drying hair efficiently. Their popularity has increased recently because of their time saving ability. If you face problem handling and styling your hairs every time you plan to go out, then you might need a good quality dryer just like Conair Tourmaline hair dryer. The following are mentioned some of the useful features that makes the dryer more efficiently.

Important Features and Specs

Conair hair dryer has been introduced with a ceramic styling and a sleek design that gives strength to the hair by increasing their volume. So, if you have thin and short hair and you want to add volume to them, then you must use this dryer for drying and styling your hair.

Another distinguishing feature of this hair dryer is that it is equally efficient for all types and sizes of hairs that includes curly, thick, fizzy, thin, long etc. Most of the dryers fail to handle curly, thick and long hair but this certainly is not the case with Conair hair dryer.

The main purpose of a hair dryer is to dry hair. This hair dryer not only fulfil this purpose, but it also allows you to make different hairstyles. So, if you have this dryer, then there is no need to waste money and time in hair salons in getting hairstyle.

The Conair hair dryer comes with two different attachments or parts in order to provide best and unique styles to the hairs:

  • There is a concentrator along with the dryer that helps to straighten the hairs and makes them smooth as well.
  • The box also contains a diffuser that can be attached easily to the dryer. The diffuser has the ability to distribute heat.

Additionally, the hair dryer has an innovative ionic technology that produces ions in order to prevent hairs from damage and reduces frizz and dullness in hairs. The Conair hair dryers can easily function at the power supply of 1875 Watts and customers can easily adjust the power at their homes.

The hair dryer also contains a tourmaline brush for retention of moisture in the hair so that your hair cannot become dry with the consistent and continuous use of a dryer. This makes your hair softer and smoother. Customers can also use this dryer for thin hairs because of its adjustable heating system.

By utilizing cool shot button, Conair hair dryer will be able to give you better and long lasting curls as well as these dryers give a wavy look to your hairs. You will not be required to go to salons and spend thousand in getting good hair styles; you can style your hairs just in minutes by using Conair hair dryer even at homes.

These wide ranges of distinctive features make the dryer efficient and best for its functions. These hair dryers have three adjustable heating systems with two speed ranges depending upon the texture and size of your hairs. If you have a thin hair then it is highly advised running it at low speed, but if you have thick or curly hair then you may set it at high speed to dry hair faster.

One of the most important benefits of using this hair dryer is its ease of use. Beginners as well as frequent users can easily handle and operate the dryer with one hand which means you do no need anyone’s help in hairstyling anymore. Along with that the accessories with the hair dryer are very easy to attach and use. The cord has ability to rotate efficiently at 360 degrees and dries your hairs immediately.

This dryer is very affordable and cost effective. As it has best quality parts and accessories, the product also contains a warranty of three years. Very few dryers offer warranty these days. The Conair hair dryer is delivered along with an instruction manual that provide guideline and safety precautions to buyers.


  • Efficient in drying hairs
  • Distributes even heat in all hairs
  • Ionic technology
  • Can work continuously for a long time
  • Reduces damage as well as frizz


  • Heavy in weight
  • Noisy
  • Unsecure nozzle

Who Should Buy This Product

If you are a working woman or a party girl then this hair dryer is certainly made for you as it dry hair within just a few minutes without letting them damaged. This hair dryer is particularly designed for those women who are looking for something cheap yet highly efficient as the price of this dryer is quite reasonable.This dryer does not require its users to have a technical knowledge as it is easy to handle which makes it best for domestic use.

It is important to mention here that this hair dryer is not good for commercial purpose, so if you need a hair dryer for your salon then you should not buy it.


If your pocket does not allow you to visit hair salons for hair styling frequently or you are a working woman who has to go out every day then you are probably in need of Conair hair dryer. Hair drying and styling has never been as easy and time saving as it is with this dryer. You can easily buy it online.