Do You Need A Hammer Drill for Concrete


Drilling holes into a concrete wall can seem like a daunting task. Since concrete is made to be extra tough against impact, you might wonder if you really have to ditch your standard drill and use a hammer drill instead. So, do you need a hammer drill for concrete?

Hammer drills are made for concrete surfaces.

A high-quality hammer drill can make a two-inch deep hole in a concrete block in just a few seconds. On the other hand, a standard drill needs more time.

However, you should know that a hammer drill’s performance on concrete relies on its bit. Special masonry drill bits are crucial so you can easily make holes in concrete surfaces with a hammer drill.

So, before working on concrete, prepare masonry drill bits with carbide tips. If you’d use other types of bits, they might not be able to endure the strength of your hammer drill. Additionally, consider the size of the bits to ensure the success of your project.

Another factor to guarantee success is your technique in using a hammer drill. Check out the following steps on how to use a hammer drill:

  1. Stand with your feet parallel to your shoulders.
  2. Position the hammer drill correctly. One hand should hold it like a gun with a finger on the trigger while the other keeps it level.
  3. Start by drilling the surface slowly.
  4. Once a hole is established, adjust the drill to a higher speed.
  5. Set the drill to full speed when you can finally detect your target depth.

However, if you’re really eager to use your standard drill, there’s a solution for that.

Again – it’s all in the bit!

You can also use masonry bits with an ordinary drill. This type of bit will always be effective for concrete.

However, make sure that the masonry bit will be compatible with your drill. Also, let’s not forget that your drill should have a strong machine for efficiency.

Lastly, don’t expect faster results with a regular drill. Hammer drills will always be better for concrete.

In Conclusion

Do you need a hammer drill for concrete?

If you’re all about efficiency, then yes – stick with a hammer drill! This tool finishes drilling tasks faster than the ordinary version. However, don’t forget to use high-performance masonry drill bits to make things easier.

For other tools, you can use on concrete, check out the best miter saws! However, before buying one, learn the safety concerns of this tool.