Should You Condition Your Hair Every Day


Conditioners are great for moisturizing the hair and keeping it shiny and healthy-looking. However, improper use of conditioners can also spell bad news to your hair. With that, let’s answer this common issue: should you condition your hair every day?

It depends on your hair type

How often you condition your hair will depend on your hair type and health of your hair.

For thin hair, using the right conditioner can add volume and strength to your hair. If your hair is thick, the right conditioner should be able to tame your strands and leave you with smooth-looking hair.

Now, in case your hair is oily, you should avoid using conditioners daily as that can leave your hair looking greasier. Additionally, conditioners can also build up on your hair.

For dry hair, you may need to use a creamy conditioner each time you wash your hair. This is to bring back the moisture into your hair strands.

The same applies to damaged hair. A good conditioner should be able to act as a barrier and prevent your hair from becoming weaker and more damaged. Your hair may even benefit from using leave-in conditioners on days you don’t wash your hair.