Convection Microwave vs Standard Microwave: Which One Should You Get?


Thinking about buying a new microwave? If you’re not sure whether to settle for the traditional one or the convection type, we’re ready to help you out. Let’s learn the pros and cons of the convection microwave vs standard microwave.

The convection microwave is definitely a must-have!

This appliance isn’t just for heating up dishes. It can also roast meat to a brown, crispy perfection – even if it’s raw in the first place! You may also bake stuff with it.

How is that even possible? It turns out that the convection type doesn’t only have the microwave function; it also has a grill and a hot air fan.

To sum it all up, the convection microwave is much more versatile than the standard type.

Don’t worry about the extra features, though; you can easily program the necessary settings. Modern convection microwaves ensure automatic operation.

However, since this type of microwave has more functions, it is obviously more expensive.

Most convection microwaves are also bigger. They occupy more space in the kitchen.

Lastly, you need to spend some time learning the programs of a convection microwave. It is more complex than the traditional microwave, so be a more patient, responsible user.

The standard microwave is the simpler choice.

Despite falling short on the versatile side, the traditional microwave is more practical. It is cheaper and smaller, which is ideal for people living in apartments and dormitories.

If you only need an appliance that can defrost or heat food fast, feel free to choose a standard microwave. It only goes to show that it’s more user-friendly.


Now that you have an idea on the features of the convection microwave vs standard microwave, you won’t regret your purchase. Remember, the convection model is for advanced cooking while the basic version is for quick heating.

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