Can You Cook Pasta In A Rice Cooker


Rice cookers aren’t just great for cooking rice. They can actually cook far more than that. So, can you cook pasta in a rice cooker?

It’s possible

Rice cookers don’t just heat water up. They can actually boil water which enables them to cook pasta¬†or noodles as well.

Now, for that, you need to make sure that the rice cooker you’ll be using can handle the amount of cooked pasta you’re planning to make. Remember that pasta tends to double in volume after getting cooked.

With that, rice cookers are only ideal to use if you’ll be preparing a small quantity of pasta. If you’re thinking of using your rice cooker to prepare a nice pasta dinner for the entire family, you’d have to do it in batches or get a bigger rice cooker.

Pasta needs to be cooked in a large amount of water. If you cook them with less water, you might not get really great results.

Also, you have to be creative in how you’re going to put the noodles inside your rice cooker. For spaghetti noodles, for example, you’ll need to break them in half before cooking them. Lasagna noodles, on the other, might be tricky since you can’t break them if you’re planning on making a big dish out of them.