Correct Ways Of Using A Breast Pump: Things You May Not Know


While many of you consider breast pumping to be an easy process with just a push of a button and the milk will start flowing away. No, that’s not the case. There are certain pre requisites and things you need to do while pumping, before and after. This is the reason why we have produced this article to give you the correct knowledge on breast pumping and what you will need in order to get the most milk out with the safest method.

The Breast Shields

The first and foremost important step for pumping breast milk is to cover your nipples from breast shields. This way they are not just safe but they also reduce any way of cross contamination. You will have to then attach the pump separately and then turn it on. This way the breast shield will stimulate your nipples instead of causing you pain.

Before Pumping

While many have stated the steps of pumping milk, especially the general instructions of your breast pumps, but it is very important to have a set mood before sitting to pump milk. Remember to sit on a chair comfortably and relax. Some breast pump now a day’s also require you to lean back on your couch or bed while you are pumping milk, either way the main idea is to remain relaxed the whole time.

This is very important. You don’t want to be exhausted and expect the mammary glands to function properly. To keep you in the mood listen to calm music, picture a beautiful memory or see your child’s picture while pumping milk.

Another important prerequisite is to keep your breast pump always clean and dry to be used the next time. Whether you use breast pumps occasionally or ore often you do require breast pumps to do not want your breast pumps to become a route for contamination for your child.

If Pumping Makes Your Nipples Sore

Many a time women complain of sore nipples and painful breasts after pumping milk from breast pumps. This is a huge turn off for them and they eventually settle for less nutritive substituents like cow’s milk or powdered milk. It is stated that if your breast pump is hurting you try to check which setting is it on. Is it on a high setting? Turn it to the minimum suction and speed and see if it still hurts you.

Check your breast pumps, some variety are known to cause some discomfort while pumping. Read all the reviews carefully and see if your products belong to that category or not. If your nipples feel sore you can apply emollients or olive oil on them. This will soothe them up and will reduce the sore and tenderness of the nipples.

If You Want To Pump More Milk

It is ideal to pump every time you want to feed your child. But if you are a working mom and you want to give your child the maximum nutrition even in your absence you can try to pump milk as you wake up. It is noted that women secrete more milk in the morning than at night. Most of it has to do with the fact that women are feeling all relaxed after a good night sleep and so they can express milk in greater quantities.

Another great way of getting the maximum milk out is to nurse your child on one breast while expressing milk from a pump by the other. This way you will be able to save loads of time, and get milk out from both breasts at the same time. Also, the baby’s suckling relax will stimulate the other breast as well. Many times when women are feeding their child their milk starts flowing from the other breast. Now you can easily store that in your breast pumping bottle and give it to your child when needed.

Storing Breast Milk

If you are one of those who like to store their breast milk beforehand, like pumping milk at night for the subsequent day so you don’t have to pump milk in the morning rush hour. Or pumping milk for a recent travel routine, either way mothers always wonder if they can pump enough milk to store it.

You can keep the breast milk in a sterilized container for up to 5 days in the lower compartment and for up to 2 weeks in the freezing compartment. So now you can use your own milk whenever needed. This is a great opportunity for people who rent breast pumps especially on daily basis. Just pump milk and store it and you are good to go for a few days.

For thawing breast milk don’t throw it in a pan right away. Instead place in the lower compartment of your fridge overnight, or outside in your kitchen. This way the milk will be defrosted easily and will be ready to be used the next time you want.

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