Crock-Pot SCCPVL610-S P Cook and Carry Slow Cooker Review



Crock Pot, a name every one recognize and trust in the market of slow cooker. They have brought various slow cookers for various consumer groups. The SCCPVL610-S is one exciting product from Crock Pot. It is made for people fond of traveling and fond of eating fresh home cooked food. The features mentioned will authenticate my point and you will learn how effective it is.

Important Features and Specs

Following are a few distinguishing features of his slow cooker.

  • Totally Customizable

    You can cook all the recipes you want to. The large capacity of 6 quart and time settings which can be programmable to different cooking modes with an array of time options gives you luxury to cook and eat at your own convenience.

  • Programmable Settings

    The high and low cooking settings allow you to prepare a roast as well as to start cooking for dinner in the morning and get it prepared at the right time. The programmable time settings having a range of 30 minutes to as much as 20 hours, having 30 minutes interval, allows you prepare a variety of dishes. The digital timer gives you exact picture when cooking will finish. Even if you are not home, after the time is over the cooker shifts to warm mode to keep your meal perfect till you eat it.

  • Portable

    It is totally made to take it with you for transport. The locking lid can be tightly sealed so there is no spilling. The gasket inside avoids any mess to be done. The handles give you a good grip to carry them around. Finally when you reached the destination, remove the stoneware and use it as a serving dish.

  • Hassle Free Usage

    The usage is as easy as a child can do it. Just add food in the cooker and cover it with glass lid and place it on stove. Turn on your slow cooker, select heat setting, select timer and get a nap. Afterwards when timer is finished, enjoy your meal.

  • Multipurpose Stoneware and Lid

    The lid is dishwasher safe but it should not be used in oven, microwave and stove top. The stone ware is also dishwasher safe. You can also use it as a dish to serve, or use it in microwave. You can also utilize it in oven but keep it away from broiler. It should never be used in stove top.

  • Clean Up is a Breeze

    Special care is given in making the product to make it compatible with easy cleaning. When cooking is done, take out the plug and allow the heat to finish. Take the stoneware and lid straight towards the dishwasher. Get a wash cloth to clean the exterior of cooker.


  • The large capacity of 6 quart is enough for as much as 7 person
  • Compatible on 240 watts power at 120 volts A.C. and 60 hertz.
  • The gasket provides extra assurance from spills and mess.
  • The countdown timer range is from 30 minutes to 20 hours with the increments of 30 minutes. It is just like unlimited time to cook.
  • The automatic switch to warm setting keeps the food at a nice eating temperature.
  • The stoneware is removable plus its oval shape makes a good collection in your serving dish.


  • The 1st time use gives a very uncomfortable smell of something like plastic. This smell is very strong and you would observe it even in air. It does not affect the taste and it immediately goes after the first use. Do not wash it because it will not help.
  • The warm setting for some users may seem too hot. It just depends for how much time food was in warm condition. It is always good to cook the food for a shorter period of time so warm setting cooks further and extra hotness is removed.
  • It might also seem more expensive as compared with other slow cookers but Crock Pot is the name you can trust.

Who Should Buy

If you are fond of preparing beef and chicken in large pieces, this cooker is for you. If you tend to forget after keeping the cooker on then the food will not burn as once timer finishes, the warm setting keeps your meal fresh and good. If you want to cook in home and eat at sea side then get one SCCPVL610-S.

You would love the way it handles the food and how easy it is to carry around. If you hate washing the crock pot manually and making sure the electrical does not get in touch with water then take SCCPVL610-S. The stoneware and lid are dishwasher safe and the exterior only needs to be cleaned by a damp cloth.


The SCCPVL610-S is ideal for families, couples and even is good for picnics. You can get utmost quality in a very good quantity as well. Its mufti-function stoneware, assuring lid and strong handles makes it an ideal companion. It is a must to try and you can do it risk free from Amazon.