Crock-Pot SCR200-B Slow Cooker Review



Crock Pot, a name which is enough to mention for a slow cooker. They have an excellent for making quality and one of the best slow cookers in the market. A similar slow cooker which can easily be called the best slow cooker Crock Pot has ever made is Crock-Pot Slow Cooker having capacity of 2 quart. It has all the ingredients to prepare delicious food for you and your spouse.

Important Features and Specs

Following is a detailed overview of this product features.

  • Temperature Control

    Through different temperature settings you can control the time you want your dinner to be ready. You can set the temperature mode at High; it operates above 170 degrees Fahrenheit, and can make an appetizer, snack, dip, or a hot meal in no time at all. If you have a busy life, not to worry, pull all the ingredients in and set the mode to Low at around 155 degrees. The meal will get ready upon your return from work.

    Unsure when you would return from your work or at what time food will get ready? Do not worry as its Warm mode operating just more than 140 degrees keeps the food temperature constant so you get same freshness all the time. Whatever your mode of cooking is, this slow cooker will make your food more delicious.

  • Cleaning Made Easy

    You have no need to fear about cleaning the SCR200-B. The lid and stoneware is completely dishwasher safe. The stoneware is removable; you can easily slide it out and move it with ease to whatever place you want to. These parts are also lightweight for easy transport and not to slip from your hands.

  • 2 Quart capacity

    The 2 quart capacity is ideal for a family of 2 or 3 people. It also does not take up very too much space. A small area is sufficient for it.

  • Recipes Included

    The SCR200-B has a small recipe book included with it. You can make meals of small size with it perfectly.

  • Lowest Price Possible

    Its price is so low that one consumer had to say that even the meat pieces are more costly than this slow cooker.

  • Hassle Free Cooking

    The SCR200-B is a very simple and easy to operate slow cooker. You can use it to make oatmeal just like that. Say goodbye to stirring and standing. Just throw all ingredients, sleep over the night and get amazed after seeing oatmeal ready for breakfast. How much more good can it be now.

    It is a must to have if you have baby to take care of. You can give your time to your baby and also prepare the soup simultaneously. You can make vegetables and chicken breasts, potatoes and small roast, small stuffing batches etc. If you have two potatoes, a baby carrots bag, and soup meat of 1 lbs., you can have the beef stew ready.


  • The capacity 2 quart is very ideal for making foods for 2 people.
  • Stoneware is round and removable
  • Lid and stoneware are dishwasher safe
  • Comes with recipe book
  • Comes with 3 modes for every type of cooking
  • Inner bowl has a nice durable ceramic


  • When cooking, the exterior of cooker gets hot and should be avoided to touch. The light indicating if the machine is running or not is missing. The solutions proposed by consumers are to put a silicon board large enough to protect the surrounding area. Also, noting it somewhere when cooker is turned on and setting a timer to remind when to switch it off.
  • The glass lid develops a little flutter only when high moisture recipes are cooked. Examples are beans and soups. It ejects dribbles from down the cooker. The solution is to cook these in low mode only. This will stop the bubbling.


Who Should Buy

It is for those who like to it different types of dishes at the same time. Imagine it is spring and winds are blowing, you will definitely want roast and stew and breasts and more together.

Too many recipes are compatible with SCR-200B. You can find them all over the internet and in in the included recipe book. It is your will to spend more or less time for preparation of your meal. You can easily have 3 to 4 dishes and you can still manage your work life.

This is for simple people. If you like playing with temperature and timer, then this is not your type.


The SCR200-B is an ideal choice for low budget new cookers. You can start your cooking experience with it and do all sorts of experiments on the durable and resilient body. The finish of black color gives an attractive look to your kitchen. It is an ideal product if you are working person, get tired when returning home after job and do not like eating outside on daily basis. It is also small family favorite.