How to Cuff Pants


Manually folding pant legs has been around for centuries already. English aristocrats around the 1800s did not want their trousers to touch the mud during bad weather. In short, the first purpose of cuffed pants was to save the trousers from dirt. Nowadays though, it is more on a fashion statement. After all, most urban areas do not have muddy streets anymore.

Since fashion is at risk whenever you want cuffed jeans, dress pants or trousers in this generation, we are going to show you how to cuff pants properly based on the type of fabric, style, and shoes you wear.

How to Cuff Pants for Men

Since men and women wear different types of pants and shoes, let’s categorize the two. First, find out ways how to cuff pants for men:

  • Men-At-Work

    This fold is probably the most masculine one. It is the right cuff for heavy canvas or raw denim pants. When it comes to the kicks and outfit, the Men-At-Work is best when a man wears boots, flannel coating – and a majestic beard. It is great for out-of-town vacations in the countryside.

    To ace, the Men-At-Work fold, create a big cuff from the hem. The fold is around 4 1/2 to 5 inches wide. Make the cuff tidy and flat by ironing it. Never double the Men-At-Work cuff on one pant leg, unless it is really necessary such as doing some heavy work.

  • Skinny

    The Skinny cuff is perfect for tight-fitting pants. Do not use this with wide sneakers, boots, and pants with thick fabric. The fold should look slim and tight, not bulky.

    First, fold upward from the hem a little bit. The Skinny needs a thin cuff. Fold it again using the same width. Smooth it out. A third fold is okay, as long as the pants do not look like knickers.

  • Pinroll

    For narrow and slim shoes, the Pinroll fold is a common choice. Avoid doing this cuff over big, thick sneakers and boots. Make a fold measuring one inch on the instep area of the pants. The purpose of this is to slightly tighten the hem area before folding it upward. Make sure that the instep fold goes diagonally towards the direction of the toe. After the instep fold, create the usual cuff upward two times. Ensure that each fold is flat and tidy.

  • Simple

    This one looks good in most pants and shoes. Create a two-inch fold from the hem. Make it nice and flat. Take the cuff’s topmost part and fold it inward. This is to hide the hem. Smooth it out again.

How to Cuff Pants for Women

There are more ways on how to cuff pants for female fashionistas. After all, women have more types of shoes and pants. Check these out:

  • Casual

    This is perfect for boyfriend jeans made of cotton. Fold upward from the hem for 3 1/2 inches. Instead of flattening the cuff, slightly pull it downward for texture and volume. Lastly, fold the pants’ hem downward.

  • Thick Roll

    Another good fold for boyfriend jeans, the Thick Roll cuff is casual yet stylish. Make a semi-loose cuff measuring one inch only. Roll it again. Do not flatten it. Instead, make the cuff thicker by slightly separating the cuff from the pant leg.

  • Twist

    The Twist fold is good for a boyfriend or skinny jeans that are not ankle-length. Make a cuff measuring 1 1/2 inches. Fold one side in half to partially double the volume.

  • Plain

    For denim jeans with lycra, the Plain cuff is a nice choice because it maintains its shape beautifully. Make a cuff measuring at least one inch. For a bigger one, the maximum size is 3 inches. Smooth it out with an iron for firmness. Then, flip it inside out. Iron the fold again. The end result is a shorter plain pant leg due to the absence of a hemline.

  • Wide

    Obviously, this cuff is perfect for wider denim pants. Make a wide cuff measuring 2 inches. Fold it again. Keep it smooth and flat because symmetry is important.

  • Ultra-Skinny

    Of course, we must not forget about skinny jeans and their special Ultra-Skinny cuff. The only difference with men’s Skinny fold is that this fold only needs a maximum of two rolls.

    Just make a half-inch fold and double it. Similar to the Wide cuff, the Ultra-Skinny fold must be neat to look at by the following symmetry.

The Cuff vs. Shoe Rules

The fashion police want people to remember the following tips to avoid getting stares just by wearing the pants wrong because of the shoes. To be specific, ankle boots and sneakers are two kinds of footwear that are susceptible to the wrong pants, especially cuffed ones.

  • Ankle Boots

    You really need to cuff your pants when you wear ankle boots. Unfolded pants look silly with ankle boots no matter where they are placed, inside or outside the boots. It does not even matter if they are thick, thin, wide or skinny. The only pants that do not need folding if paired with ankle boots are flared and bootcut jeans.

    Small cuffs, whether it looks tidy or not, are perfect for ankle boots. Wide cuffs also look good but only for tall, slim legs. Short legs appear much shorter if wide folds are made for ankle boots.

  • Sneakers

    Skinny jeans do not need cuffs with big sneakers. Their thinness is already perfect in contrast to the bulkiness of sneakers. If you want to hide the hemline or keep the pant legs slightly shorter, thin cuffs are reasonable enough. Just do not make wider folds for sneakers because they make the pants look much shorter, providing the illusion that you have really big feet because of the bulky shoes.


Learning how to cuff pants in many different ways is important if you have various pants and shoes. Some cuffs simply do not work with certain styles. Folding your pant legs to show off your new kicks is a normal fashion statement. Just remember that with sneakers and ankle boots, the type of cuff is crucial.