Cuisinart CSB-79 Smart Stick 2-Speed 200-watt Immersion Hand Blender with Attachments Review



If you have come across our review of the Cuisinart CSB-75BC Smart Stick and liked its features, you may find it interesting that Cuisinart has come up with a very similar model  with the addition of very useful attachments. The Cuisinart CSB-79 Smart Stick 2-Speed Immersion Hand Blender offers the same power and versatility, and costs just a little extra.

So if you’re buying a hand blender for he first time and are not too restricted on your budget, this might be more practical between the two. But are the attachments really worth the extra price? Let’s find out in this review. We will take a look at each attachment and the features in general, to help you decide if the model with the attachments is right for you.

Important Features and Specs

This hand blender features a 200 Watt motor that activates with one press of a button. It offers two speed options: high and low. The motor is integrated in the handle and the button is located right within your fingers’ reach when holding the unit. Press and hold on your desired speed setting and push the stick down on your food or immerse it on the pot or bowl for stirring.

It comes in an elegant stainless steel design with black accents. It has an easy grip handle so you don’t strain your hand while blending. It is lightweight, with dimensions of  8.5 x 5.5 x 13 inches, Width, Depth, and Height (WDH) and weighs only 2.2 pounds. It is thicker and looks sturdier than the CSB-75BC Smart Stick. The attachments all are clear plastics with black accents, except for the whisk which is also made of stainless steel.

As for most features, they are pretty much the same. See our Cuisinart CSB-75BC Smart Stick 2-Speed Immersion Hand Blender Review. You can use it for mixing juices right from the pitcher, for soups right from the pot or bowl, mashed potatoes, or small single glass servings of smoothies and slushies.

Press on the speed setting that you want and move the hand blender slightly up and down on the bowl or glass or pitcher. You can also use the included beaker for making salad dressings. Do not power the unit on the surface of your food or drink, make sure it is slightly immersed or you will get splashes.

For the attachments, the chopping bowl is probably the most useful. It is only a small container but it comes with reversible blades that can be used for both hard and soft ingredients. Remove the stick from the handle by simply pressing the release button and attach the handle on top of the chopping bowl to power the blades.

Since it is a small container, it is important to pre-chop your ingredients before blending. When tested on some orange peppers, the result was a really fine consistency, although a little watery.

The whisk is also very handy. You just attach the whisk to the handle in place of the stick and press on the low or high power button to get it running. When tested on an egg white, you can see the batter turning into a really nice foam with thick texture in under one minute. The beaker that comes with the unit is also very useful even for other cooking needs in the kitchen. It has elaborate markings for measurement so you can use it in preparing any dish.

All in all, the attachments proved to be quite a bonus even with an added twenty or so dollars. The main difference is that the one without attachment is a little thinner. So it really depends on your preference but it is always nice to have something more versatile.


  • Easy to snap in and out of different attachments
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful Stick hand blender
  • Easy to grip


  • Chopper is small and doesn’t cut very well
  • Blades on the stick may scratch your non-stick coated pots so make sure not to press it too hard or you can use the available anti-scratch accessory

Who Should Buy

Hand blenders or immersion blenders are great versatile kitchen tools for small jobs. You can use them for preparing small servings of dressings and mixing right from pots and pitchers. If you’re looking for an extra tool apart from your full-sized blender, this is a great model to add to your kitchen.

The attachments make it even more versatile. To know more about the different types of blenders and what they’re best for, you can check our Best Blenders Buying Guide, in case you’re not sure if a hand blender is right for you.


The Cuisinart CSB-79 Smart Stick 2-Speed 200-watt Immersion Hand Blender with Attachments is an excellent investment for doing small preparations in your kitchen. It comes with useful attachments so it is very versatile and an elegant design to make it even more interesting.