Can You Curl Chemically Straightened Hair


If ever you change your mind after permanently straightening your hair, you have to open your mind with the possibility that it might get damaged when experiencing a different process. Before doing anything rash, let’s find out – can you curl chemically straightened hair?

Despite some precautions, you still have the freedom to curl chemically straightened hair without consequences. As a plus, your hair will effortlessly become super-straight again after washing it. Get ready for compliments about your hair being flawless whether it’s straight or curly.

However, you still have to wait for a few months after the straightening process. Some people say one month is enough while others suggest waiting for another two months. Also, don’t curl your hair too frequently.

Additionally, you should only use hot tools like curling irons. It is a bad idea to curl permanently straightened hair with chemical means. Your hair might not be able to handle the powerful effects of different chemicals.

And, the worst part? A stronger formula or a more intense process can force your hair to stay straight no matter how you curl it. It is totally possible for the strands to resist being curly for hours even if you’d apply hair spray.

In Conclusion

Can you curl chemically straightened hair?

Yes, you can! But, don’t do it too soon. You should wait for at least a month after the chemical process. Just to be safe, ask the stylist who handled your hair for more information.