Curling Wand vs Curling Iron for Short Hair: The Better Choice


Every hairstylist knows that curling wands are the later versions of curling irons. So, does that mean you have to choose the newer type? While considering your hair length, we’re revealing the pros and cons of curling wand vs curling iron for short hair.

Curling wands are for experts only

Since curling wands don’t have a clamp, your hands will have the freedom to control the appearance of your curls. However, this can be dangerous and inefficient for short-haired users.

With short hair, the wand’s rod will be closer to your scalp. There’s less room for twisting your hair around the barrel, forcing you to do the process slower just to protect your skin. Many professionals can pull this off, though.

Curling irons are safer and more efficient

We’re telling you right now – curling irons are the best options for short hair. Their clamp will force your strands to get curly without the need for meticulous twisting. You might miss out on the stunning effect of a more natural look, but that’s just least of your worries.

With curling irons, you’re less likely to burn your fingers and scalp. And, of course, the process will be a lot faster. Curling irons are highly recommended for both beginners and expert stylists.

In Conclusion

Comparing curling wand vs curling iron for short hair can spare you a daily dose of accidental burns and tardiness. Curling irons are better for short hair because of their efficient and protective clamps. On the other hand, curling wands have the tendency to burn your scalp if you’re in a hurry.