Are Curling Wands Easy to Use


If you’re hesitating to buy a curling wand, we can help you make your final decision faster. Since you’re particular about convenience, let’s find out – are curling wands easy to use?

Curling wands only require two steps

Unbelievable, right? You just need to remember two words – wrap and hold. That’s how easy it is to use curling wands.

In fact, curling wands are much easier to use than curling irons. Without a clamp, you’ll have more freedom in controlling the direction. The result is more natural-looking curls.

To prove to you how user-friendly curling wands are, take a look at this video:

Curling wands need certain items for safety purposes

One of the major downsides of curling wands has something to do with safety. Since the hot metal is totally exposed, you just can’t use it with bare hands.

So, even though it’s super-easy to use curling wands, these tools can be dangerous. Always use heat-resistant gloves.

In Conclusion

Are curling wands easy to use?

Definitely! You just need to wrap your hair around the barrel and hold it for a few seconds. However, curling wands are dangerous without heat-resistant gloves.

Since we want you to have longer-lasting curls, we have helpful tips on how to maintain this hairstyle.