How to Cut Metal With A Hacksaw


If it’s your first time using a hacksaw, we’re here to guide you with the basics. Stay with us as we teach you how to cut metal with a hacksaw.

To be more specific, we’re going to discuss how to cut a metal pipe and a sheet metal. After all, these are the common applications of hacksaws.

Use a vise to effectively cut a metal pipe.

It is completely necessary to use a vise for a safer and more accurate work. This tool will allow you to control your strokes better.

Once your vise is ready, follow the process below:

  1. Insert the metal pipe into the vise. One end should be protruding but only a few inches.
  2. Tightly hold the hacksaw’s handle with your hand.
  3. Position the hacksaw’s blade on the pipe, specifically a half-inch away from the vise. This ensures fewer vibrations, leading to a more accurate cut.
  4. Move the hacksaw with long strokes without putting too much pressure.
  5. Continue making simple strokes until you see a groove on the pipe.
  6. Put more pressure in your strokes. However, don’t be too harsh.
  7. Drop some lubricating oil on the blade when the pipe becomes more difficult to cut.
  8. Reduce the pressure when you’re finally ready to cut the pipe.
  9. Move your toes away from the possible spot where the pipe end might land.
  10. After cutting the pipe, simply remove it from the vise.

To safely cut sheet metal, lay it on a piece of wood.

You might think it’s a hassle to prepare some wood before cutting sheet metal, but this is the safest method. Sheet metal tends to bend without wood underneath, making you lose control and possibly hurt yourself with the blade.

Finally, here’s the process of cutting sheet metal:

  1. Place the sheet metal on a piece of wood.
  2. Secure the sheet metal and wood together with a C-clamp.
  3. Insert the sheet metal and wood into the vise. It is required that the sheet metal is flush with the wood’s upper edge.
  4. Position the hacksaw’s blade on the wood while the sheet metal is facing you.
  5. Move your hacksaw in long, simple strokes.
  6. When you’re finally done cutting, just remove the sheet metal and wood from the vise.


In learning how to cut metal with a hacksaw, you can’t avoid information about cutting pipes and sheet metal. Always remember to use a vise for metal pipes and a piece of wood for sheet metal.

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