Does Damaged Hair Take Longer to Dry


It can be frustrating to seek answers on the Internet about the drying time needed for damaged hair. Some people say damaged strands take longer to dry while others believe that this type of hair easily dries out. Let’s get to the bottom of this – does damaged hair take longer to dry?

There’s only one possible way to end this confusion. People need to understand the science behind hair porosity.

Hair porosity refers to the strands’ level of moisture absorption.

Based on Refinery29‘s well-researched report about hair porosity, there are three types you should know about: low, medium, and high.

Of course, medium porosity is the best type. It retains moisture in a healthy amount of time.

On the other hand, low-porosity hair finds it hard to retain water, natural oils, and other kinds of moisture. It only goes to show that this type of porosity takes longer to dry.

So, does damaged hair have low porosity?

It turns out that damaged strands usually have the highest level of porosity. Yes, they absorb water fast, but they quickly release it, too. That’s why damaged hair looks so dry and frizzy most of the time.

There are other factors that affect hair porosity, though. Maybe this is the reason why people have different opinions on the drying time of damaged hair.

You still have to think about the quality of water in your home. Your hair towel and blow dryer might even be ineffective. If you have recently undergone chemical treatment, maybe it is affecting your hair’s drying time.

In Conclusion

Does damaged hair take longer to dry?

When we think about hair porosity, no. Damaged hair typically has high porosity, and this type easily releases moisture out of the strands. Meaning, it actually dries faster.

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