Danby DDR60A3GP 60 Pint Dehumidifier with Pump Review



This is the most appropriate dehumidifier that you should engage in the market. The dehumidifier uses the latest technology to get rid of excess moisture from the environment of your room and compact storage spaces. Basically, Danby DDR60A3GP is a new model mounted with internal pump. The unit has a conveniently large dehumidifying capacity of 60 pints per day, which is appropriate for room spaces of up to 3,600 square feet. The dehumidifier is packed with a good number of reliable features, including: adjustable humidistat, low temperature operation, auto shut off, bucket full indicator and electronic controls among other traits.

Important Features and Specs

Danby DDR60A3GP is designed to keep your home cool as well as free from excess humidity and its effects, including molds and mildew. The dehumidifier is installed with dual drainage options, which include removable water bucket, 6.5 feet hose and an integrated condensate pump for added convenience during operation.

The device has a capacity of removing up to sixty pints of moisture from the atmosphere in your room per day. With such a capacity, it can cover a room size of up to three thousand six hundred square feet. The dehumidifier will function correctly in spaces of cool temperatures (41°F), and in addition it has auto defrost capabilities, which prevents ice-build up on the unit’s coils.

The installed fan is engineered to shut off automatically when the preferred humidity percentage is achieved. This is an energy star certified system; therefore, it does not only have more efficient and convenient refrigeration coils, but also high quality fans when compared to traditional dehumidifiers. The unit is installed with electronic controls with a remote.

The humidity controls are made up of auto sensing humidistat, a twenty four hour timer, and two fan speeds, which can effectively be controlled with the system remote. The unit has whisper quiet operation; it is made to operate at a relatively low noise level of 55dB. The unit is also incorporated with a washable filter, which can conveniently be removed and washed; thus saving you additional filter replacement costs.

Danby DDR60A3GP weighs 47.8 pounds and it measures 12.2 by 15.2 by 23.6 inches. The unit’s capacity of removing moisture from air is 60 pints per day and it can cover up to 3,600 square feet of room space. The dehumidifier is installed with the following: auto fan shutoff, noise level of 55dB, electronic controls, removable washable filter, 2 drain hoses 7ft. and 16 ft., auto defrost mechanism, 4 rolling casters, and auto restart capability.

The unit is equipped with non-ozone depleting refrigerant. Its power rating is 620 watts/ 5.7 amps and its input voltage is 115 volts/ 60 Hz. The dehumidifier can operate effectively at temperatures as low as 5°C. The unit’s recommended room coverage is 1,000 square feet; even though it can cover up to 3,600 square feet.


  • Danby DDR60A3GP uses electronic controls and a remote; these controls are integrated with auto sensing humidistat, 24 hour timer and two fan speeds, which are single handedly controlled by a remote; hence making it easier for you to regulate the humidity percentage.
  • The unit’s operation is user friendly; the device can operate conveniently at low temperatures of 41°F/ 5°C, and the auto defrost ensures that there is no ice-build up on the coils. The dehumidifier also has a whisper quiet operation at a noise level of 55dB.
  • Danby DDR60A3GP is highly user friendly; it is installed with a washable filter that you can remove and wash; hence helping you to avoid replacement costs. Also the unit is incorporated with an integrated pump.
  • The dehumidifier performs exactly as you expect it to; you can use it for a room size of 1,400 square feet, and it will operate quietly even in the basement.


  • Danby DDR60A3GP may malfunction after a few weeks if you do not clean and maintain it properly.

Who Should Buy

You should buy Danby DDR60A3GP to get rid of any excess moisture in the atmosphere of your room. Unlike other dehumidifiers in the market; the dehumidifying action of this model is highly resourceful. Apart from dehumidifying compact storage spaces, this model is great for basements. Your basement will not smell of mustiness and mildew; in addition, it will generate enough heat; hence you will not have to use a heater. The system is recommended, due to its many features. You will most definitely be impressed with the performance of this model.


Danby DDR60A3GP is just the perfect dehumidifier to engage. This four-star, 60 pint dehumidifier provides you with all the dehumidification capabilities. You will definitely admire the moisture free air in your room after successful excess moisture removal.

Everything you have been looking for as far as a dehumidifier is concerned are found in this Danby model, including: energy star rating, hose and pump, castors for easy portability and movement, auto restart feature, and electronic controls with a remote. With that said, you need to invest on this model as quickly as possible.