The Danger of Nonstick Cookware


Without a doubt, nonstick pots and pans perfectly represent convenience in the kitchen. Scrubbing residues off cookware every single day is a nightmare for homemakers. However, since safety is still more important than convenience, you should know more about the danger of nonstick cookware.

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, a lot of nonstick pots and pans contain perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). PFOA is a carcinogenic chemical you should avoid at all costs. When exposed to heat, it releases fumes that can harm your body in the long run.

Additionally, PFOA can also affect fetal development. It is absolutely dangerous for pregnant women.

The best thing you can do is to be a more careful buyer. Make sure you buy nonstick cookware without any trace of PFOA.

Or you may resort to options made of enameled cast iron. Don’t worry; they still promote cleaning convenience. All you have to do is soak them in warm water for a few minutes before washing the residues off.

The best part, however, is enameled cast iron’s inert properties. It won’t emit dangerous fumes.

In Conclusion

The danger of nonstick cookware is rooted in the existence of pots and pans containing PFOA. You can either be a more cautious buyer of nonstick cookware or finally resort to a safer alternative – enameled cast iron.

Meanwhile, to avoid scratching your nonstick cookware, check out the best utensils and silicone whisks for that kind of cooking vessel.