A New Mom’s Guide on How to Decrease Milk Supply When Weaning


Planning to limit your lactation to wean fast and easy? Stay with us as we explain how to decrease milk supply when weaning.

Firmer support for your breasts and less pumping are enough to help you suppress your milk supply. Check out the specifics below:

Ditch your nursing bra and wear a firmer one.

Since nursing bras are known for their softer features, open cups, and loose flaps, they’re not firm enough to support your breasts for lactation suppression. You need a more solid bra to keep your breasts from bouncing. If you ignore this tip, you’ll suffer from great pain.

You may return to wearing underwire bras with thicker cups. Simply wear one day and night. However, make sure that it is big enough for your breasts that are still producing milk.

Pump less milk no matter the pain.

Once your breasts are full, only express a small amount of milk. Use a manual breast pump so you can easily control the amount. Pull through the pain because this is the only natural way you can decrease your milk supply.

The following are additional measures you have to take when you’re finally going to express less milk:

  • Wear nursing pads to absorb leaking milk. Make sure to change them every time they get soaking wet.
  • Sleep with a soft cloth or towel across your breasts to soak leaking milk.
  • Lie on your back or side while holding a pillow over your breasts whenever you’re preparing to sleep. This supports the extreme fullness of your breasts.


The natural ways on how to decrease milk supply when weaning include wearing firmer bras and pumping less. However, the whole process can be really painful. If you want the easier way, consult your doctor about taking pain medicines and drugs to suppress lactation.