DEWALT DWS782 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter Saw Review



Trim carpentry is all about the installation of moldings, and one of the most useful tools for such installations is DEWALT DWS782 12-inch slide compound miter saw. This miter saw has a head that tilts from side to side, and moves forward and backward.

This unit can make up to 12-inch width when set at the desired angle. This is a top-of-the-line sliding compound miter saw that is highly affordable. Apart from being user-friendly, this unit is the most ideal one to engage for the money; given the fact that it is well-equipped with great features and specs.

Important Features and Specs

This miter saw is installed with an exclusive back fence design that has the ability of cutting up to 2 by 16 dimensional lumber at ninety degrees, and 2 by 12 at forty five degrees. The installed fence is a tall sliding that supports crown molding of up to 7-1/2 inches, along with base molding of up to 6-3/4 vertical. The unit’s productivity as well as precision cutting is guaranteed by the adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate.

The unit has cam lock miter handle, along with detent override, which provide quick as well as accurate miter angles. This miter saw has miters fifty degrees to the left, and miters sixty degrees to the right delivering increased capacity. The saw provides you with a compact, durable and accurate saw, due to the dual horizontal steel rails, along with innovative clamping system in addition to linear ball bearings.

The oversized bevel scale incorporated in the device makes adjustments of bevel angle accurate and easy. The unit’s precise miter system, along with machined base fence is known to effectively optimize cutting accuracy and durability. The miter saw’s vertical cutting capacity is increased by the belt drive design and innovative gearbox.

The twelve-inch double bevel sliding compound nature aims at providing professional crosscuts and miters. The unit utilizes cross-cutting mechanism that is not only superior to conventional laser-guides, but also very effective. For the most part, this miter saw is installed with a dynamic self-aligning system that needs no recalibration, regardless of the length of use, and it also ensures that there is no for one to recalibrate after a blade change.

This miter saw is designed to be used even for the toughest cutting jobs, due to its 15-amp motor that can achieve up to 3,800 RPM. The unit is equipped with a super effective dust collector that captures a large amount of dust and particles, ensuring that your workspace is clean as well as the interior of the machine.

This miter saw falls under double bevel sliding compound category. Its blade diameter is twelve inches, and the current rating is 15 amps. The miter saw no load speed is 3,800 RPM, and it is corded electric powered. Its product dimensions are 33 by 23.8 by 18.8 inches, and it weighs 64.8 pounds, making it compact and user-friendly. The unit’s package also includes a dust bag, blade wrench, carbide blade and vertical material clamp.


  • The saw’s productivity and cutting accuracy are high, due to the adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate.
  • Bevel angle adjustment is easy and accurate, thanks to the oversized bevel scale. This makes this miter saw an ideal unit for different experience levels.
  • The unit is equipped with rail lock latch designed to hold the head a distance away from the fence; hence simplifying and maximizing vertical cutting capacity.
  • The saw’s 15 amp meter is powerful enough to produce up to 3,800 RPM speed, making it effective even for the toughest of cutting jobs.


  • The miter saw’s RPM is not high enough to handle the toughest as well as advanced cutting jobs.

Who Should Buy

This is the most ideal product for a person who is after a miter saw that has the capability of handling a variety of cutting jobs. This is an ideal unit for a workman who is after a unit that is equipped with an advanced dust collection mechanism that captures more than 75% of dust produced. Ease of use is what you will get when you buy this miter saw. For convenience purposes, the unit’s power cord is channeled via the rail in the back; hence this eliminates any kind of interference with the slide.


DeWALT DWS782 is just the kind of miter saw that you need to engage when you want to do home improvement. This is a relatively new slide compound miter saw design, and it is highly cost-effective. The unit comes with a variety of features that are meant to provide you with great as well as powerful cutting capabilities.

As far as sliding compound miters are concerned, this is one of the most recommended models, since the manufacturer took into consideration the needs of the user. This is a five-star miter saw that has repeatedly received positive feedback from a great number of users.