DEX Products Pregnancy Pillow Review



The DEX pregnancy pillow supports your tummy in a good way. Now you can sleep well at night by using this awesome pregnancy pillow. The piece of the pillow supporting the tummy is made in a better way that regulates the flow of energy towards placenta and maximizes the nutrients transfer towards it. In this way it also reduces the soreness or the fatigue of the hands, feet and the legs.

Now you can make your pregnancy calm and relaxed by using this superb pregnancy pillow. If you are really looking for a best pregnancy pillow that makes you comfortable at night and support your tummy then this DEX pregnancy pillow is ideal for you.


The main features of the DEX pregnancy pillow are:

  • Perfect Shape

    The DEX pregnancy pillow has a perfect wedge shape that is ideal to place under the belly. This pregnancy pillow allows you a posture that is best for you and your baby. In this way it prevents you from the cramps and fatigue. Even if you have a tough day, this pregnancy pillow gives you a best thing to relax your entire body.

  • Comfortable for Belly

    If you are laying in your bed for sleep or you are on a couch, you can use this pregnancy pillow to get a complete rest or to comfort your belly. We all know that the pregnant women need a perfect positioning of the body especially the belly, so in order to maintain this specific posture DEX pregnancy pillow is ideal to use. This maintains the position of the body and also ensures the flow of nutrients towards placenta and baby. You will get a healthier pregnancy after using this DEX pillow.

    Some of the women face a trouble of flattening of stomach during pregnancy. This wedge shape pillow supports the tummy and avoids the flattening of stomach by reducing the pressure on it. So it is very helpful in using this way.

  • Easily Washable

    The DEX pregnancy pillow is small in size and it is very easy to wash. Whenever you feel this pregnancy pillow a little bit dirty you can wash it with washing powder. It doesn’t require any larger machine to remove the dust of the pillow, you can hand wash it. The upper cover of the pillow can be washed separately or you can also launder the whole pillow.

  • Reasonable Price

    If the price of this pregnancy pillow is compared with others then there is a big difference to observe. This pregnancy pillow is small in size and at the same time its price is also low as compared to the others. You can easily purchase it to make your pregnancy easy and contented. If you are worried about spending a lot on pregnancy pillows for only 8-9 months then you can choose this pregnancy pillow to get the better results.

  • Greater Efficiency

    The DEX pillow is considered a best nursing pillow. It has the greater efficiency. It completely supports your legs and the back. It helps in reducing the backache and the swelling of the hands and feet. So it is ideal to use by the pregnant women. If you are looking for a best pregnancy pillow within affordable range then it is highly recommended to use this pregnancy pillow for better results and to comfort you and your baby.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Best to use in early pregnancy
  • Price is fair
  • It comforts the belly and the legs
  • Wedge shape allows the easy use for tummy
  • Regulates the flow of nutrients towards placenta
  • Supports in healthy growth of the baby
  • Avoids the swelling of body
  • Free of allergies


  • Low quality than others
  • Not much reliable
  • Bad for the late pregnancy
  • Doesn’t support the larger tummy
  • Causes the irritation in late pregnancy
  • Not good for sitting postures
  • Small in size
  • Hard

Who Should Buy

The DEX pregnancy pillow is exclusively designed for the pregnant women. That is not ideal to use by the normal people. This product is made only for the pregnancy but it has got a feedback score of 3.6 out of 5 which is not much good. This feedback shows the less popularity of the product among the users than the others pregnancy pillows and makes it less reliable to buy.


The DEX pregnancy pillow is exclusively designed for the expecting women. This pregnancy pillow is comfortable to use and it is reasonable in price. You can use it for the first few months of your pregnancy. It is considered not much effective for the late pregnancy when your belly gets double in size.

So if you are looking for a pregnancy pillow for the first few months of your pregnancy then you can go for an option to buy this pillow otherwise it is not highly recommended by the users. The main benefit of the pillow is its wedge shape design that allows the pillow to easily adjust under the belly while sleeping.