How to Diffuse Wavy Hair


Whether you have a curly hair or you just dream of having luscious waves, then you should consider investing in a good hair diffuser. It’s an attachment for your hair dryer that makes its direct stream of air become more “diffused”.

So, how to diffuse wavy hair? Check out these really easy-to-follow steps:

Start with wet hair. You can use a microfiber towel to absorb excess water and moisture. For some girls with really curly hair, they find waiting for their curls to set before using a diffuser works best.

Begin the drying process with the lowest heat at the lowest speed. You can gradually increase both temperature and speed as you work through your hair.

Once you are done drying the roots, you can start working on the ends. Apply a styling cream through your hair using your fingers.

Cup the hair for a few seconds while applying the diffuser. Remember not to focus on one section of your hair for too long as that can cause split ends, weak hair strands, and breakage.

Finally, massage the roots of your hair to create the illusion of fuller hair. Using a volumizing shampoo can help you achieve a more dramatic and noticeable result.