What Does a Diffuser Do to Your Hair


Diffusers look strange, don’t they? Despite their intimidating appearance, they’re actually popular for curly-haired women. To satisfy our curiosity, let’s find out – what does a diffuser do to your hair?

Diffusers give more volume to curly hair

Curls look healthier when they’re bigger. However, achieving this can be time-consuming without the right blow dryer attachment. This is where diffusers come in.

Diffusers can boost hair volume efficiently, according to Bustle. They guaranteeĀ bouncier curls for a fuller look.

How is that even possible?

Since a diffuser is designed to distribute air flow on a wider area, it can reduce pressure on the hair’s cuticle. This minimizes frizz.

Diffusers will protect your hair from heat damage

Without a diffuser, hot air is directly released from the blow dryer to your hair. If this happens every day, your hair is bound to get damaged.

The best thing about diffusers is their effectiveness despite lower temperatures. This is the ultimate advantage of fully controlling air flow. If a section of your hair is covered by a diffuser, low heat is all you need.

In Conclusion

What does a diffuser do to your hair?

This blow dryer attachment makes sure that curls have more volume. It can also prevent hair damage by covering one area at a time to utilize low heat.

When it comes to proper usage, learn how to use a diffuser on curly hair as well as wavy hair.