DigiThermo Ear Thermometer Review



Just-brill has taken all kinds of customer queries and comments and incorporated them all to create a simple tool the temperature while giving you the best and the most satisfactory result.

Marketed at a convenient price range this product is a must have for all houses with infants and kids to adults. Being given mostly positive reviews by users this product mostly popular among the masses for its price, accuracy, memory and storage.

Features and Specifications

While most thermometers resort to provide readings in either confusing users who are not much aware with one of the Just-Brill gives readings in both and readings giving you the option to switch between them whichever way you like to suit yourself. It also shows the amount of accuracy it possesses by converting the temperature recording from to in less than a second.

  •  Infrared Technology

    Due to recent advancements in medicine it is postulated that temperature recordings from ear a much more reliable than temperature recordings from elsewhere like oral cavity, rectum, forehead, or armpit. Instead of applying the probe tip right at the eardrum, infrared light technology is used.

    It is fast, easy and harmless as compared to the attaching the thermometer on the eardrum which can cause perforations. The heat transferred is captured by the infrared technology that records the temperature and shows it on the screen.

  •  Front Large Screen

    Unlike many thermometers with screens at the back it is much better to have a screen that is placed in front so that you can view properly and record the readings easily. This is also an added advantage and a great feature as compared to other thermometers in the market.

  • Packaging

    The thermometer is packaged with batteries, a manual and a zip lock bag. The box is made up to recyclable material. The zip lock bag ensures that the thermometer remains safe and that it stays in its place out and away from the reach of the children. This feature also makes it easy to carry around.

    You can go out in a picnic or a trip and you can just put the light weighted thermometer inside the bag, zip it up and it is ready to be taken anywhere. Storing the product also increases its longevity. The manual is easy to read and has instructions that can be read and followed without any difficulty.

  • No Lens Filters Required

    This again is a good feature for those who do not wish to invest into buying additional lens filters. So now all you need to do is insert it inside the ear, record the reading, take it out and wipe it clean.

    It is ready to be used the next time. But for those who do not want contamination or fear germs transfer then this feature might be a setback for you.

  • Memory

    This product has a great memory and saves up to 10 previous recordings. This makes it very easy to look back and check on the progress instead of relying on your own memory and trying to remember all the temperature recordings.

  • Additional Features

    The battery of the thermometer is quite large ensuring up to 4000 temperature recordings. This means that now you will not have to go out and stack up the batteries for it, although other thermometers have much larger battery life.

    The thermometer has a soft beep through which it tells that the thermometer has been correctly placed inside the ear canal and another beep that signals the the temperature has been recording. It also alarms you if the fever has spiked.


  • Front screen
  • Reasonable price
  • Zip lock bag making it easy to carry around
  • 4000 temperature recording battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Soft touch to lessen discomfort
  • Does not require lens filters
  • Records in both oC and oF
  • Emergency signal for very high temperature


  • No lens filters can allow easy contamination
  • Compared to other thermometers this one has a low battery life

Who Should Buy

For those of you out there who are looking for a thermometer that can measure both in oC and in oF, that they can store securely and carry around whenever they want and that promises exact temperature recordings then this is the product made for you.

It is marketed at a reasonable price range so you will not have to go out of your budget. The exception of lens filters might not be appreciated by hospital staff and germaphobe mothers out there.


With everything in one packaging this thermometer is the best in its price range. A long standing battery life, memory of up to 10 recordings, accuracy, easy to use and easy to carry around, this thermometer has everything it needs to become a part of your household.

This is also a great gift for soon new mom’s and they will require a good ear thermometer for their infants that can give readings in 1 second rather than 2 minutes of the oral thermometer or unreliable readings of the arm pit, forehead or rectal thermometer.