Little-Known Disadvantages of Sleeping Without Pillow


A lot of people can’t imagine getting a good night sleep without their pillows and it’s not really surprising. You see, pillows promote better sleep and prevent neck and back pain. They also help keep you in a good posture while you sleep. With that, you may be thinking if there are any disadvantages of sleeping without a pillow.

The list of cons is actually quite long. To give you an overview of the negative effects of ditching your pillows when you sleep, we’ve narrowed down the list below.

It’s contraindicated for some diseases

There are medical conditions that need you to keep your head slightly raised when you sleep. This includes heart failure, GERD, glaucoma, and congestion of the lungs.

It worsens snoring

If you sleep on your back with your head thrown back, it can cause your tongue to retract and that facilitates snoring. Using a pillow while you sleep helps prevent that from happening.

It can cause headaches

Sleeping flat on your back decreases the circulation of blood in your vertebral arteries, causing headache and even lightheadedness.

With all of these things in mind, however, it’s not enough that you settle for just about any pillow for your sleep. Pillow sizing is also important.

Here’s a video to help you find the perfect pillow for you: