Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Light N Comfy Luxe Infant Car Seat, Minnie Dot Review



Immediately what comes in to your mind when you take the name of Disney? Yes, the cartoons the fairy tales and the iconic Mickey and Minnie mouse. Hence Disney decided to playfully launch a merchandise of a bevy of products ranging from bed covers and toys to car seats.

Car seats are not just comfortable for your child but also safe too. And according to the new traveling laws worldwide they are an absolute necessity for your child. So now you need to have a car seat installed for your kid whether he or she is a month old or 4. And what could be cuter than to have a Disney customized Minnie mouse patterned car seat? That to especially your beautiful baby girl, right?

This product is one of the most loved car seats in the market today, both for its design, usability as well as its price. It is hence rated at 4.8 stars out of 5. Read on to find out more about the product.

Features and Specification

This product is made up of the customized Disney design that will not only make it a stand out among the other solid color car seats out there but will also make them look much more cute. They are travel friendly and extra light can absorb high energy forces and have a premium fabric covering them.

  • Suitable for Airplanes

    While you must have heard about car seats that are suitable for cars and public transport but this one is also suitable for air plane travel. So you don’t have to carry your little one in your hand along with all the baggage as well. Just clip in the car seat on the air plane seat and travel safely.

  • Side Impact Resistant

    This feature makes driving so much easier for your child. With the side impact resistance all the road bumps and collision, breaks and sharp turns will not affect the baby and your little one will rest harmless and peacefully asleep while you battle the road traffic. Because of the hassle many children wake up and cry causing you much discomfort as well. Due to this side impact resistance all the energy will be absorbed and your child will not even realize he or she is traveling.

  • Head and Foot Rest

    Instead of having just the head rest, this one also comes with a foot rest and that too with the signature of Minnie. Both of these help to keep the head and feet of the baby in place and cushion them well. The foot rest ensures that your baby’s legs are not left hanging out which is bad for his circulation. When your child grows up however, you have the option to remove them to create more space for your child.

  • Lightest Car Seat Ever

    This car seat is the lightest one in the market. This makes it ultra easy for you to carry it around whether you are removing it from one car to the other or using it as a hand carry. It weighs around 14 pounds which makes it extremely travel friendly. This feature is a breath of fresh air as many other car seats in the market today weigh double of what this single car seat weighs.

  • Multiple Strollers Friendly

    This car seat is designed in such a way that makes it very easy to latch it on with other strollers. So you don’t have to just buy a stroller also manufactured by Disney, a feature of other car seats, but are open to buy any stroller of your choice and this seat will safely latch on. Provided that you have consulted your retailer about it before and tried latching the seat to the stroller before buying it.

  • Inexpensive

    Another great feature of this product is that it is cheaper than many other products of different brands. This makes the car seat not only affordable but also approachable by other people out there who want to have a car seat to ensure safe travel for their children but cannot afford to buy very pricey ones.


  • Disney design
  • Good quality
  • Low price
  • Light weight
  • Side impact resistant
  • Airplane travel friendly
  • Adjustable to multiple stroller
  • Removable head and foot rests
  • Food for even a small 4 pound baby
  • Canopy for sun protection
  • Handle for hand carry


  • Can only house a baby up to 22 pounds
  • Is usually directed for baby girls, not for baby boys

Who Should Buy

If you are a concerned parent and you want a car seat that is good for your child, supports your baby in its right places and is affordable then this product is ideal for you. Although however this design is not deemed unisex and only for children who are less than 22 pounds of weight, it is the market leader for being cheap, good quality and comfortable all at once.


If you want a car seat that fits into multiple strollers, is easy to carry around, even in airplanes and is easy on your pocket too then go ahead get this car seat for your child right away!