Do Infant Car Seats Have Expiration Dates


Traveling these days can be dangerous. With each new passing day, the rate of road traffic accidents increases, most of them due to rash driving. Speed thrills but kills. There irresponsible behavior may not only cost them but also other people on the road. Hence safety measures have to be practiced every time while traveling from using safety seat belts to installing a car seat for your child.

Important Things To Consider While Buying A Used Car Seat

Buying a separate car seat for your child as well as looking after each and every of its expenses can be much of a daunting task, especially if you are already on a tight budget. Hence in these circumstances you can buy used car seats that are available.

Many retail store now days sell used car seats as well as new ones depending on the nature of the buyer and how much they are ready to invest. It is hence very important to draw out your expenses before going out on a shopping spree if you are held back by your limited income.

Expiration Dates Of New Car Seats

Many car seats now come with a user manual. It is imperative to read the user manual carefully and note down the manufacturing date. From the day the car seat was made its countdown begins and it then expires 5 to 9 years later. Each car seat however has a different manufacturing date and expiration date and you will have to ask your dealer or read the manual yourself.

It is to be noted that the manufacturers date is different from the day you bought the car seat. And hence its guarantee will start wearing off if large amount of time has lapsed from its manufacture to its use.

Expiration Date Of Used Car Seats

If you cannot buy a new car seat then you always have the option to get a second hand used car seat that will function equally as good as the new car seat but in lower rates.

However you have to make sure that, a. the used car seat is made with all the modern rules and regulations of the car seats with the needed harnesses and belts for safety, and b. the car seat has not been into any damage of any kind. If you buy a car seat that either has had been vigorously used to the point that it has broken belts or loops or the car seat underwent an accident and it was retrieved for further usage then it is most likely that you will be keeping your child’s life in danger.

So you should make sure that the used car seat is not only in good condition but also that it is not broken or damaged from anywhere, and that it was not present in the event of any car accident.

Recycling Car Seats

If you wish to reuse the car seat that is broken then you can recycle it. However you cannot do it yourself and you will have to contact your local shop keeper who recycle seats, he will tell you how he can recycle the car seat to be used safely again. Sometimes the car seat is damaged beyond repair and parts that cannot be recycled. You will have to then also ask the recyclers as they will tell you if the car seat can be remade and is safe to use.

Car Seats To Be Borrowed From Someone

If you cannot buy a car seat and your friend, coworker or sibling is ready to give you their car seat as they no longer need it then you can definitely do that as well.

However, you will have to consider a few options. The first and foremost important thing to consider is that has the car seat ever been present in a crash before. Whether it’s a small accident or a large one, you will have to ensure that the car seat is not damaged beyond repair and that all parts of it are attached properly. You will have to make sure that all the labels are attached to it and the user manual is readable or not.

The car seat’s manufacture date is also very important and should be visible to you so that you can know when the car seat has expired. It is also important to know if the car seat has been every reused or recycled before, or if the car seat has been already second handed. In that case borrowing an already used car seat will impose great threat to the safety of your child.

Traveling with your child is dangerous, especially if your child is extremely young and you are the one driving. Hence going according to the safety rules is very important to ensure proper security of your child. You don’t want to risk your baby’s life at any cost. And if you are found using an expired car seat then you will be charged.

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