Do Infant Car Seats Need A Base


Car seats are made for infants so that they can travel safely with their parents or caretakers. If you are going to work with your child and you wish to take your child with you then you will require a car seat to ensure maximum safety of your child.

As car safety and travel rules vary from person to person as their age varies as well as their height and weight and hence having a good car seat is important to carry your young one around with yourself safe and secure. The car seat not only allows you to drive independently without having your child in your lap but it also keeps it in a tight and safe position that your child can travel safely and comfortably.

Car seats are made with different parts. And each part has to be damage free for use. Whether it’s the harness, belts, seats, or the base all of these car seats have to be inspected properly to ensure that you can use it.

You can get your car seat check by a professional and car service provider that will tell you if you can use the car seat or not. Many car seats are now in the market used with different parts. Some of them have certain additions and omissions. Certain car seats do not have any seat base and certain of them do.

Car Seat Base Advantages

It is obvious that the car seat’s base is very important to latch it properly to your car. One of the belts in the car seats goes beneath the base to attach it tightly around it. This way it will ensure that the car seat does not move from side to side or front and back every time your car drives and takes a turn. If the belt is not attached perfectly then chances are that your child will move as your car will move and this is deemed dangerous for the child.

Hence now many car seats come with a base and you have to just clip on the car seat on it whenever you want to travel. If your car seat does not come with a base then you will have to buy one separately. This way you can easily attach your car seat and incline it at the perfect angle.

If the Seat Base Is Not Available

Now if you are traveling in a minibus or taxi you obviously cannot carry the carry seat, the baby, and its base all the time. That would be a nightmare considering that there aren’t any more belongings with them, which obviously is not the case.

That’s why many parents avoid detaching the seat base from their car. Many new car seats now have added loops and holes through which you can attach the car seat to your seat belt. Now you don’t have to carry all of the travel belongings. Just take the car seat and latch it to the bus or your cab’s seat by the seat belts only.

Car Seats with No Seat Base

Many car seats are now available that do not have any seat base. In that case you have two options. You can either buy a new seat base or just attached it safely and tightly by the seat belts on your car. This way it is very easy to travel and lessens the whole fuss for you. Traveling without a seat base is much safer than traveling with no car seat at all.

Hence if you are buying a car seat that does not has any seat base then you will have to first check the local authorities and see what they are saying about child’s safety. You will also need to install the car seat properly in your car, ensuring that it does not moves around. With the base it is easier to attach it in place properly. Without the car seat it does become a little difficult, but it is not impossible.

For an added relief you can get either your car seat either installed by a professional or get it checked by him or her after you have installed seat yourself. This way at least you will know that the car seat that you have got or installed yourself is safe to use and your child will be in any danger.

Cars Seat Base Are They Necessary

Hence the question is the car seat base necessary for you or not. If you have a car seat for your infant or child and you wish to carry him or her with you during work or any where than always make sure that you have the baby safely snuggles to your car’s seat.

However, if you buy a car seat and it does not come with a base then it is not necessary. You can either way install the carseat and travel with your little one safely wherever you want to.

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