Do Inversion Tables Work


You might have heard about inversion therapy from a friend or you might have read about it online. If you’re interested in trying this form of therapy to ease some back pains but are unsure of whether it is worth your time and money, this guide will give you some insights so you can weigh the pros and cons before investing on an inversion table.

How Does It Work

Inversion therapy is the use of inversion tables to suspend the body in an upside-down position where the ligaments are stretched to release pressure from muscles, bones, and joints caused by gravity. It is believed that gravity constantly puts pressure on our muscles and bones which weakens them as we age. Inversion Therapy helps put them back to their original state. To learn more about the basic uses, benefits and certain risks involved in using an inversion table, you can read our general guide, the Inversion Tables Buying Guide.

Experts in inversion therapy believe that inversion tables could help correct spinal problems that cause back pain and not just the symptoms. It is basically a padded table, used as the backrest, on a tabular steel frame. This can invert up to 180 degrees. There is a strap at the bottom for your feet which will be used to hold your weight as you go upside-down. There are more advanced features in other sophisticated models.

While your body is in the inverted position, the pressure or the stress in your muscles, bones and joints caused by gravity is released. This decreases the ache and is said to remove it permanently through regular use.

How Effective is An Inversion Table in Curing Back Pains

There is very good news on this matter. Studies have shown that inversion tables are effective in treating both short-term and long-term back pains, and works best in conjunction with living a healthy lifestyle. Taking supplements is also a good way to help promote positive results while doing inversion therapy.

There have been no reports of risks associated with long-term usage of an inversion table. They were only proven risky in extreme rare cases. If you have coexisting illnesses that might affect your health when using an inversion table, it would be wise to ask your doctor if it is advisable. But the risks are almost always minimal.

How Long Till I Feel the Effects

If you are convinced that inversion tables are effective and want to know how long you should expect to feel a difference, the answer varies. It depends on the severity of your back pain and what’s causing it.

During a ten to fifteen minute inversion therapy session, your body already begins to heal and rejuvenate. It also improves the blood circulation throughout your entire body. That means, if you do it regularly, you can be sure to feel a positive effect within a week.

You will feel improvements in your posture after two weeks of regular use. For treating specific types of back pains, you feel an immediate effect after a session but expect symptoms to go back shortly. What you need to do is to continue the inversion therapy and you will notice that the pain comes back less until it is completely removed.

Types of Back Pains

The duration of the therapy until you are fully relieved of back aches depend on the type of back pain you are experiencing and how severe. To give you a better idea, here are some examples.

  • Lower Back Pain

    Here, we are referring to the ordinary back pain characterised by soreness. It is otherwise known as non-specific, meaning it is not always clear what caused it and it is non threatening. You could have strained your body at work one day. This can go away on its own within 5 weeks but if you use an inversion table, you will feel instant relief but as expected, the pain might go back until after some time of regular use.

  • Acute Back Pain

    Back pain which lasts less than four weeks. You can use inversion therapy to treat symptoms as they come.

  • Chronic Back Pain

    Pain that has exceeded the twelve week mark and is ongoing. Inversion therapy can help in treating chronic back pain but for this type, you may need to incorporate medication.


There are still many other uses of inversion tables. They effectively reverse the effects of gravity which oftentimes all that is needed to cure the pain. Inversion tables are extremely effective in treating different problems including herniated discs, lower back pain and even fractures.

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