Can You Drill Through Glass With A Normal Drill Bit


Drills can make your DIY projects easier to complete. However, if you are working with glass, you need to be extra careful. Without the right tools, you might end up breaking it. So can you drill through glass with a normal drill bit?

For you to be able to properly and safely cut through glass, you need to use drill bits made of diamond or tungsten carbide. And if you are using diamond drill bits, avoid using a hammer drill as that can break your diamond drill bit.

When drilling on a glass, remember to stay away from the corners and edges. Try to be at least 3/4 of an inch away to reduce the chances of cracking and breaking the entire sheet.

Don’t forget to secure your glass depending on its shape. A rubber pad is a good tool to protect your glass sheet as it’s soft yet able to absorb vibration.

Start drilling with light pressure and slow speed. Spray some water on the area to keep it cool. Remember that drilling can create heat so you need to assess the area you are working on carefully.

One good tip is to drill halfway through the glass first. This is to minimize the risk of cracking it. Once you are done with one side, you can turn it over so you can drill from the other side.

If you found your drill bits broken, here are some tips on how to remove it. If you think your bits aren’t sharp enough, check out the best drill bit sharpener you can use.