How to Use a Dutch Oven While Camping


You know those popular no-cook camping food in stores nowadays? Well, you deserve better than that. All you have to do is learn how to use a Dutch oven while camping.

We know what you’re thinking: cooking in a Dutch oven seems like a hassle. The truth is, it’s a bit time-consuming to prepare the area.

However, once you start cooking, you just have to wait and let the Dutch oven work its wonders. That’s convenient enough, right? And, the best part, you’ll have the chance to eat delicious meals while enjoying nature.

Now, there are three cooking methods to choose from, according to What’s Cooking America. However, we choose to focus on the traditional technique which is called bean hole cooking. Learn more about it by going over these steps:

  1. Dig a hole that’s big enough to completely hide the Dutch oven.
  2. Put stones in the hole.
  3. Build and maintain a fire in the hole until the stones absorb the heat.
  4. Build a fire near the hole with coals until you see ashes.
  5. Put the Dutch oven inside the hole (make sure the lid is tight).
  6. Cover the Dutch oven by putting live coals, ashes, and dirt all over it with a rake.
  7. Close the hole with a flat rock.
  8. Wait until the food is cooked (make sure you have an idea about the correct duration for the recipe).

In Conclusion

Learning how to use a Dutch oven while camping can significantly improve your time with nature. You’ll be able to enjoy great meals outdoors just by waiting for the Dutch oven to thoroughly cook the food.

Did you know that you can bake bread in a Dutch oven? Learn more about it here.

Of course, Dutch ovens aren’t just for camping. Find out if you can you use one on a stove.