Can You Use A Dutch Oven on The Stove


Some cookware products aren’t versatile enough. So, it’s okay if you’re having second thoughts about using your Dutch oven on a stovetop. Let’s find out – can you use a Dutch oven on the stove?

Dutch ovens are designed to handle direct heat

Since a typical stove uses direct heat, it only goes to show that you can put a Dutch oven in it. Dutch ovens have a thick exterior and a tight lid, which only proves even more how tough they are for stoves.

In fact, Martha Stewart recommends using a Dutch oven on a stovetop for browning meat and veggies. By taking the lid off, you’ll be able to achieve that irresistible crisp on your meaty dishes.

Choose a high-quality Dutch oven for stoves

To ensure delicious dishes when cooking on a stove, only use a Dutch oven that’s made of enameled cast iron, anodized aluminum, ceramic or stainless steel. In addition, its base should be aluminum or copper.

All of these metals guarantee even distribution of heat. They can also retain the temperature for a really long time. This is essential for thorough cooking.

In Conclusion

Can you use a Dutch oven on the stove?

Of course! Direct heat from stoves may damage other cookware but not Dutch ovens. These heavy-duty pots are typically made of heat-resistant metals, so there’s no need to worry.

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