Dyson DC59 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review



Cordless Vacuum cleaners have a lot of advantages, most of which are geared towards convenience but they sometimes prove to be less effective than conventional types. Dyson takes cordless models to the next level with the DC59 Animal. It is one of the Digital Slim cordless vacuums released by Dyson.

It is literally a stick with a vacuum head and a small yet powerful motor right in the handle. How effective is it, realistically, in cleaning? The manufacturer boasts that it sucks up as much dust as conventional a conventional vacuum cleaner.

It features a 350 Watt motor that provides a powerful suction. But what are customers saying about this product? Surely, you are just about dying to know. And you will find out in this review. Let’s take a look at its performance and what else it has to offer.

Important Features and Specs

It doesn’t just work as well as conventional vacuum cleaners, the Dyson DC59 Animal has 3x the suction power other cordless vacuum cleaners have to date. It is also lighter; in fact, ultra-light. So you get more and exert less effort. It is powered by Dyson digital motor V6 and is specifically engineered to improve debris pick up.

As mentioned earlier, it is literally a stick with a vacuum head and a handle on top – where the motor and the dust container is located. The stick is metallic Purple and the head and the handle are coated metallic black. It looks quite impressive especially once you see it running. And ultra-light means really light, weighing only 4.5 pounds with dimensions of 10.7 x 6.1 x 29.2 inches, Width, Depth, and Height (WDH).

It can clean both carpeted and hardwood floors. However, the brush cannot be turned off so there are a few issues when using it on bare floors. On carpet, it does an excellent job cleaning very fine particles to coarser debris.

The brush has carbon and nylon materials which work together like a charm. When cleaning hard floors, expect to have some particles blown a little over the surface because of the brush. So it might take longer to clean on wood or tiles than on carpet. But it still does the job.

Another potential problem is cleaning on edges and stairs. It leaves some particles on the wall’s edges using the main head. What you can do is attach either the mini power brush tool or crevice tool, and it will take care of what’s left behind. The crevice tool is also a little flimsy when attached to the hose.

It is easy to assemble. Follow the instructions and the parts just fit together where they should. It comes with a charging dock that you can mount on a wall when charging the battery away from the machine, or you can charge it directly to an outlet if you don’t want to remove the battery. There is a blue indicator light when it’s charging which will turn off once it’s done. It takes 3 and a half hours to do a full charge.

Cleaning is also very easy. It uses cyclonic system so no need for filter bags. Just remove the stick from the handle where the dust canister is located. Pull the red slider down to open the bottom flap and empty the dirt straight to the trash bin. The foam filter is easily removable from the top of the handle. Just wash it and leave it to dry for your next use.


  • Also removes pet hair
  • Ultra-light
  • Exceptional suction power for a very light cordless Vacuum
  • International power supply 110 – 240
  • Easy to use and assemble


  • A lot more expensive even compared to full featured vacuum cleaners
  • Spreads particles on hard floors
  • Difficult to clean edges with; but you can use the crevice tool
  • Crevice tool attachment is flimsy

Who Should Buy

If your budget is not restricted and you want something one of a kind to add to your home appliances, the DC59 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a great buy. It is truly unique in its features, especially it is ultra lightweight and has a powerful suction. This is great for small apartments and studio type units. It is not recommended for houses, unless maybe if yeast to use it just as an extra tool for occasional cleaning of small rooms.


The Dyson DC59 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is definitely one of the most interesting products along the lines of vacuum cleaners. Its ultra-light feature combined with its powerful performance offer a lot in terms of convenience and efficiency. It’s not, however, a practical choice because of its price. But to those who are willing to pay the extra hundreds for its benefits, this could be a really nice tool to have handy.