Earthquake IG800W Model 11613 Portable 800-Watt Inverter Generator with 40cc 4-Cycle OHV Viper Engine (CARB Compliant) Review



Earthquake IG800W model 11613 is the best portable inverter generator for occasional backup usage, or as a primary source of energy in specific situations. This is a small, relatively lightweight portable generator, commonly found in use on travel trailers, and by car campers. The unit is powerful enough to keep you set and running. This unit combines the functionality of a portable generator and clean power output.

The inverter generator is an excellent choice when using power sensitive electronics, such as communications equipment. This little inverter generator is amazing. It has been used on a good number of weekend trips by different consumers (users). Generally, IG800W does exactly what you intend it for. It works fine, moderately quiet, and significantly lightweight; you can easily toss it into your vehicle for a camping trip.

Important Features and Specs

The plus about having IG800W Model 11613 unit is that it is very quiet, and it can run continuously in the background with little irritation to yourself as well as your neighbors. The unit is quite economical to operate the low power appliances that you might tend to find most important during a blackout or camping. Earthquake IG800W Model 11613 Portable Inverter Generator can run at ¼ of its rated continuous capacity (800 watts) for about fourteen hours on a single gallon of gas.

The unit is designed effectively with an overload protection, which is associated with instant reset circuit breaker. IG800W rated capacity presents positive results when used to operate loads needing clean power. The unit uses 4-cycle OHV Viper engine with 40cc providing you with clean and efficient power for your electrical appliances.The unit is effectually integrated with a low-oil shutdown mechanism to ensure that the engine is protected.

IG800W measures 15.6 x 8.2 x 14.0 inches and weighs 21 pounds, making it lightweight and compact. The oil filling port of the generator is under a side panel, which is conveniently held in place by four screws allowing you to check the oil level appropriately.

IG800W Model 11613 uses a Viper, CARB Compliant, engine with 40cc 4-Cycle OHV engine design. The unit’s fuel efficiency is significantly high, and it yields 8.2 x 175w which is equal to 1435wh / 0.55gal equivalent to 2609 watt-hours for every gallon you use. IG800W model 11613 offers great portability, due to its lightweight nature (21 pounds). The inverter generator (800W) is composed of a DC as well as AC outlets; while its DC receptacle is for battery charging.

Who Should Buy

Before you buy, or even think of buying any other generator gear, you should take a good look at your electrical appliances power requirements. You may have no power whatsoever, and you still need to protect your appliances while operating them. In that case you must select Earthquake IG800W Model 11613 that is suitable for your particular needs.

The generator rating of 800 watts has the capacity of supplying your appliances with clean power for longer durations (14 hours). IG800W is CARB Compliant; therefore, California residence should buy. You should also buy this unit if you are dealing with power sensitive electronics. You should consider buying this unit when you are in need of very efficient-lowest cost of operation.

IG800W Model 11613 is best for long term operation and its fuel stores well and it is not explosive. You can buy this inverter generator to operate different appliances, including 2 Traeger pellet grills and communications equipment. You can purchase this unit to utilize on your pontoon for emergency lighting. This machine is ideal to have when you are seeking an inverter generator that is easy to maneuver.


  • The unit runs continuously for hours at fourteen hours per gallon, which makes it very efficient, lowest cost of operation.
  • You should not be concerned about any damage to your appliances’ internal components (laptop, electronic tablet, and cell phone), when you plug them.
  • IG800W is integrated with overload protection mechanism along with instant reset circuit breaker.


  • IG800W Model 11613 inverter generator may be difficult to start when the engine is hot.


Currently, IG800W Model 11613, which is CARB Compliant, is a top rated U.S. portable inverter generator. This unit presents good quality, which is worth the price, and thus satisfactory to any consumer. You should unquestionably buy this inverter generator for your sensitive appliances, in order to enjoy the benefits.

One of the most renowned features that should make you buy this unit is its ability to provide you with fuel efficient as well as quiet power for household and recreational requirements. This is the best rated (800 watts) portable inverter generator to buy since the user has an easy set up along with startup. Its price is cheap; therefore you have every reason to buy it, and experience how powerful it is when operating your sensitive electrical appliances.