Easiest Type of Eyeliner to Apply


Isn’t it annoying when you can’t get your eyeliner right? You should use something that fits your makeup skills. Find out the easiest type of eyeliner to apply!

Out of the three major kinds of eyeliners, the pencil type is the most user-friendly. It has a lighter color, which is great for daily use. More importantly, it is resistant to smudges.

Gel eyeliners are also great for beginners because of their smooth consistency and darker color. However, you have to control the amount you get from the jar. You might draw a line that’s thicker than necessary.

The third type is the liquid eyeliner, and we don’t recommend it for makeup novices. A slight mistake can ruin your entire look.

Now that we’ve established how basic pencil eyeliners are, you should know how to maintain them. Don’t worry; all you need to do is sharpen the tip regularly. Just don’t make it too sharp for better shading, according to Makeup.com.

In Conclusion

The easiest type of eyeliner to apply is the pencil version. Pencil eyeliners aren’t messy, which is perfect for beginners.

If you also want to make things easier when you apply foundation and concealer, learn how to find the right shade – especially if you have dark skin.

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