What to Eat with Steak


Steak alone is already enjoyable to eat. However, it gets more mouthwatering when served with certain vegetables and other side dish favorites. In order for you to make incredible side dishes, learn what to eat with steak!


There are so many ways to serve tomato with steak. You can turn it into a salad or gratin.

  • Tomato Salad

    Regarding tomato salad, you may simply combine it with crunchy chickpeas. Or, you can toss the tomatoes with feta, dill, and red onions. Tomato salad gives texture and zing to the softness and consistent flavor of the steak.

  • Tomato Gratin

    Tomato is also great when added in a gratin. In particular, squash gratin gets better with tomatoes. The classic French dish gratin is usually topped with a soft crust and grated cheese. So, the mild flavor of gratin is perfect with the distinct aftertaste of squash and the strong flavor of tomatoes. Aside from its taste that pairs well with meat, tomato and squash gratin also provides a hearty steak meal.


This is a no-brainer; potato will always be an ideal side dish for steak. However, it is so versatile that you can combine or mix it with other ingredients. You can also cook it using different techniques and still have the same result – hearty and tasty potatoes.

  • Salt & Vinegar Potatoes

    Simple salt and vinegar potatoes are already enough to make you happy for dinner. Make them crispy to balance with the steak’s softness.

  • Potato Skewers/Kebabs

    Another good way to provide texture is by pairing meat with kebabs or skewers. Potato is already great with plain vegetables such as onions. However, adding bacon to the skewer or kebab combination makes it even more appetizing. Skewers and kebabs are also easy to prepare since you can just grill them with steak.

  • Roasted Potatoes

    Meanwhile, roasted potatoes are also perfect for steak. They go well with fennel and radishes. Aside from the potatoes, you should also prioritize roasting the radishes to take their intense flavor down a notch. About the dressing, lemon-brown butter sauce can go a long way.

  • Potato Salad

    Of course, let’s not forget about potato salad! For summer, make potato salad with corn and green beans. Again, use lemon-brown butter dressing to balance all flavors. Another option is putting dill, arugula, and yogurt into the salad. This is perfect when you are craving for creamy potato salad without mayonnaise. Yogurt will serve mayo’s purpose. Lastly, to provide depth to starchy potato salad, make a version with umami by adding miso paste. Miso will give a savory twist to the potatoes. An ideal addition to this kind of potato salad is a generous amount of crispy yellow wax beans.

Lima Beans

When it comes to legumes with a bad reputation, lima beans are no exceptions. A lot of people say that they have a bland buttery taste yet distracting texture. However, since they are packed with dietary fiber and other nutrients, lima beans should be on our plate from time to time. To enjoy them even more, pair them with steak. It is a win-win situation since steak also needs side dishes that have mild flavors yet interesting textures. Surprisingly, lima beans can have a better taste with cumin-mint dressing. A minty side dish also gives a refreshing twist on the smokiness of steak.


To make ordinary side dishes such as peas more interesting, spice them up! Spices such as cardamom, coriander, and cumin are going to match with the nutty flavor of peas. They are also perfect for enhancing meaty flavors, hence their harmony with steak.


Now, we are going to emphasize the magic of squash in a gratin. While tomato and squash gratin is packed with different flavors, other squash gratin versions are milder and simpler. Additionally, squash can also be pickled just for steak.

  • Squash Gratin

    Aside from potato salad with corn and green beans, squash and zucchini gratin is also a summer favorite. You can also focus on squash alone, only enhancing its flavor and texture with Parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs.

  • Pickled Yellow Squash

    For planned gatherings, pickled squash is a good side dish for steak. It is highly recommended to slice, marinate and chill the squash one night before the event. If you really want to serve it without enough time for preparation, at least make it two hours before the guests come in.


Also a favorite for steak, carrots are so easy to prepare since you can just grill it with the meat. To complete your carrot side dish, combine it with dill. The result is one caramelized side dish that is perfect for grilled steak.


For a more exotic steak side dish, choose okra. Grill it with steak for easier cooking. To conceal the strange flavor of okra, make it spicy with chipotle dip. You can also serve this dish as an appetizer.


Another spicy addition to a steak side dish, harissa is a complex hot chili pepper paste usually made of roasted peppers, serrano peppers, Baklouti peppers, olive oil, and other add-ons such as caraway, rose, saffron, coriander seeds, and garlic paste. It is ideal with roasted green beans to enhance their simple flavor. Green beans can be roasted in ovens and outdoor grills.


Roasting bitter vegetables such as Brussels sprouts do not only reduce their bitterness. It also enhances the smokiness of steak because of the roasted greens’ smoky flavor. With radicchio, simply cut it into wedges before putting it on the grill. To neutralize the heavy flavors on the plate, add creamy cheese sauce.


Emphasize steak as a comfort food with spinach and cheese. Baking spinach with various cheeses results in a creamy yet healthy side dish. This steak dish is perfect when you are really hungry. It is so hearty that it will make you full in just a few minutes.

What to Eat with Steak

Eating pure meat can be boring, so you really need to explore suggestions on what to eat with steak. Most of the side dishes contain vegetables to balance protein with other essential nutrients. Besides, veggies usually have distinct flavors that can make dishes exciting when combined with creamy ingredients.

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