EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater Review



The EcoSmart Eco 11 electric tankless water heater is yet another great offering from the innovative makers. It features the Smart Technology that EcoSmart has made a name for, and is suited for climates with incoming water temperatures starting from 67°F and higher. It is designed to provide high end performance despite being more affordable than similar models from competitor companies.

The EcoSmart Eco 11 has been positively received by customers and industry experts alike for its highly efficient performance and sleek design. We will let you be the judge here while we give you an overview on what makes the Eco 11 a definite recommendation for a water heater.

Important Specs and Features

The EcoSmart Eco 11 electric tankless water heater carries the reputation of energy efficiency that EcoSmart has been known for. The makers and users claim that the water heater can help you save up to 60% on your water heating energy bills. The Eco 11 can heat up to 2 gallons of water in a minute, which is equal to one shower head and one sink.

The EcoSmart Eco 11 is a lightweight and compact water heater with measurements of 12 x 9.5 x 4 inches. It only weighs 6.5 pounds, which makes it highly portable and easy to move around. The Smart
Technology makes the Eco 11 a water heater for the whole home. It can also be used in colder parts of the world as a point-of-use water heater where there is low flow of water.

The self-modulating technology that is featured in the Eco 11 helps in providing consistent water temperatures. This allows users to save considerable money on their energy bills as the water heater
will automatically adjust the output temperature. Installation of the water heater is a breeze, and the automatic resettable thermostat makes the Eco 11 quite easy to use as well. All you need is a 60 amp power supply from a double pole breaker and a 6# copper gauge wire to start using the Eco 11.

The EcoSmart Eco 11 electric tankless water heater features standard and reliable materials and heat exchangers that deliver 99.8% energy efficiency. The digital temperature control is mounted centrally on the body and allows the user to increase or decrease water temperatures by increments of 1 degree. All the components in the water heater are integrated to offer the user comprehensive control over the Eco11.

The Eco 11 comes with a lifetime warranty for residential purposes. It helps you save up to 12 cubic feet of storage space over conventional water heaters. It can provide continuous hot water supply at 1.5 GPM flow from a shower head and a sink. It’s designed to use less electricity and its heating system makes energy efficiency more practical!


  • Compact size and lightweight – highly convenient and portable.
  • Highly energy efficient both in terms of electricity and heating.
  • Ideal for homes with an existing water heating system.
  • Ideal for small homes where hot water intake is low.


  • Not very practical for point-of-use despite what the makers claim
  • Designed for cold water and hot water lines separately – for homes with one water line, a
  • restrictor will have to be installed.

Who Should Buy

As mentioned in the pros, the EcoSmart Eco 11 electric tankless water heater is ideal for homes that already have an existing water heating system and small homes with low hot water needs. If you are thinking of installing the Eco 11 as a standalone unit in a large home, it might not be as practical.

If you live in a hotter part of the world, then you’d be amazed by how much money you can save on your energy bills overtime. While this incentive to buy the Eco 11 is prevalent in colder climates, the savings in hotter climates are much, much higher, as suggested by the makers.


The EcoSmart Eco 11 electric tankless water heater is definitely one of the premier water heaters out there, and another amazing model from EcoSmart. The patented technology and design brings a new meaning to energy efficiency, and the compact and lightweight body makes it easy to install just about anywhere.

If you are looking for an electric tankless water heater that can prove to be a worthwhile investment in the long run, then the EcoSmart Eco 11 is that product. It requires low key and simple maintenance that is very well explained in the buying guide. It will definitely help you save money on energy bills overtime, and will work like a charm with an existing water heating system. The customer reviews have been generally positive and highlight the energy efficiency factors in the Eco 11. Overall, the EcoSmart Eco 11 can be a smart investment for your hot water needs.