How to Edit Something Out of a Picture


With today’s technology and available photo editing apps, you don’t need to be a professional to know how to edit something out of a picture. In this guide, we will look at a few editing tools and applications to help you remove unwanted images in your photos.

Sometimes, you capture an extra object in your photo that can really throw the scene off balance. It could be a photo from your vacation and you’ve taken a picture of a historical building but the street sign shadows or people walking in front of you have ruined the shot. These scenarios are difficult to avoid. So, instead of trying to take the perfect shot every single time, you can simply use editing tools and apps that will help fix these flaws.

You can easily remove a piece of the photo or an object. Sometimes, it could also be the background or a person who’s not supposed to be in the photo. Edit something out of a picture using an image-editing program. You have the option to replace the unwanted piece and no one will even notice that you removed anything. Whether it’s a physical photo book or photo album that you want to give as a gift for your loved one or for posting a digital copy online, these techniques will come in handy.

We will look at both desktop and mobile apps.

Using Photoshop on Your Computer to Edit Something Out of a Picture

First, let’s look at the traditional and most popular way to edit photos. Photoshop has been around for ages and it has all the tools you need for all your basic editing needs. This includes the ability to edit something out of a picture.

  • Content-Aware Fill

    The feature that you need to look for in your Photoshop app is the Content-Aware Fill. This is only available in Photoshop CC.

  • Load the Photo

    Select the photo that you want to edit and load it into the app. It’s best to remove the unwanted content first before editing anything else in the photo.

  • Lasso Tool
    Within the Photoshop app, once the photo is loaded, select the lasso tool from the tool’s dashboard or menu.Click and drag the lasso tool line around the object that you want to remove. It’s like drawing a line around it. Don’t put the line too far or leave a lot of space but don’t cut within as well.
  • Fill

    Now that the image has been selected, you can edit something out of a picture by using the Fill tool.

    Choose the Content-Aware feature after selecting Fill, and replace the selected image with either another image of your choice or make it look like the background by using the Color Adaptation tool.

  • Delete

    Another trick is to simply press your Delete key on your keyboard as a shortcut. This will remove your selected image. Then proceed to replace the image with the previous step above.


An alternative to Photoshop is the online app called PicMonkey. You can simply go to the site, upload your photo and edit something out of a picture online.

  • Clone

    The best way to edit something out of a picture using PicMonkey is the Clone tool. It works by taking a portion of the original picture and applying it on top of the object that you don’t want to be seen.

    The part of the image that you are applying over is called the source. You will brush it over the image you want to cover. The brush size can be adjusted when you paint the unwanted area.

  • Eraser

    It’s difficult to perfect cloning the particular area. So, if you notice anything that seems off balance, you can use the eraser tool to correct the image. It can be used to remove something that you didn’t want to clone.

  • Brush Hardness

    Use the brush hardness slider to paint the clone with a softer edge. This is perfect when covering items on cloudy skies.

  • Fade Slider

    Use the fade slider to allow some part of the original image to show through if you want. It’s great for abstract images.

Mobile Apps to Edit Something Out of a Picture

If you’ve taken the photo from your mobile device, you also have the option to edit something out of a picture without having to transfer it to your computer. There are mobile apps that you can download that have this feature. It only takes a few simple steps.

  • TouchRetouch

    This app is available in both the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. It has a free version that you can try and you can later purchase the full version if you want.

    Once you’ve installed the app, you can either take a new picture using your mobile device’s camera or choose the photo that you want to edit, from your gallery.

    Pick a tool to remove the unwanted object from your photo and adjust its size with the slider. You can use various tools to edit something out of a picture with this app. The lasso tool works pretty much the same as in the desktop version of Photoshop. You can select the image by drawing with the lasso tool around the object. Then either replace it or copy the background.

    You can also use the brush tool. It allows a more precise selection and doesn’t have to be perfect.

    Once you’ve selected the object, the selected area will be red. You can now use the eraser tool to delete it. Then press the start button to remove the object. Make sure to save the edited photo.

  • Easy Eraser

    You can also use a simple retouching tool called Easy Eraser to edit something out of a picture. It makes objects disappear as if they were never there. It’s very simple to use and it’s free to download.

    Simply paint the items that you want to remove. Touch or tap the erase icon and the selected objects will disappear. You can have fun with your pictures and remove unwanted people. It can even be used to edit pimples and clean up the perfect shot.