Do Electric Shavers Cause Ingrown Hairs


Having a busy schedule may not give you that much free time to spend shaving your beard or legs the traditional way. To save time and for convenience, you’ve probably considered getting an electric shaver. But, do electric shavers cause ingrown hairs?

It depends on the type of your hair

Electric shavers are great for those with straight and thin facial hair. However, if you have coarse curly facial hair, even an electric model can tug and pull hair strands which can cause them to break with jagged edges.

If you have used a manual razor before and you’re thinking of switching to an electric model, it might not work for you as well. This is because manual razors can cause your facial and body hair to regrow coarser or thicker than before, making the strands more difficult to cut at the level of the skin.

Another reason why electric shavers are no better than manual shavers when it comes to preventing ingrown hair is the way they work. Their circular motions often cut hair strands against the grain, forcing them to curl up the wrong way.

If reading this made you feel uneasy, you might want to consider trimming your beard instead of shaving it. In case you really feel the need to shave, make sure that you know the best tips on how to prevent ingrown hairs. Don’t forget to change your razor, too!