Do Electric Smokers Use Wood Chips


Cooking on traditional smokers usually involves adding pieces of wood to enhance flavors. However, with models powered by electricity, you have to be extra careful. Do electric smokers use wood chips?

We can’t say for sure that ALL electric smokers can work with wood chips. However, there are a lot of models out there (including those designed for indoor use) with chip trays. These trays are typically built into the device itself.

The compartment for the wood chips is most likely found in the lower right section. You just have to pull it out and fill it with chips. Once you’re ready to smoke food, close the tray and turn the handle to add wood on the heating element.

If your electric smoker has a complex design, simply follow the instructions from the user’s manual.

Using wood chips isn’t enough. You need to learn how to maximize their purpose. Check out the following tips:

  • Add more wood chips every three to five hours.
  • The recommended amount of wood chips for every interval is four cups or 600 grams.
  • Don’t rely on softwoods such as pine and fir to achieve delicious flavors. They burn too fast.
  • Hardwood chips like hickory, birch, pecan, apple, and mesquite are highly recommended. A slower burn is better to really intensify the aroma and taste of meat.

In Conclusion

Do electric smokers use wood chips?

Many electric smokers have built-in trays for wood chips. You should choose a model with that feature to really enjoy the benefits of smoking meat.