Essential Miter Saw Accessories You Should Have


There are many essential miter saw accessories that you need to have in place in order to make sure that your cutting operations run smoothly during each project you conduct, and they include the following.

Durable Miter Saw Stand

A miter saw stand is an important part of a miter saw work station. The best miter saw stand is one that has continuous extension wings. The wings will allow you to support different lengths of work pieces. An appropriate stand should be mounted with a clean, flat surface, along with an edge for clamping a workpiece.

The most convenient stand is one that you can easily as well as quickly set up. For easy storage and transportation, you will need a stand that is well-fitted with folding legs and solid rubber wheels. In addition, you need to engage miter saw stands that are equipped with rollers with end stops, and quick release brackets.

Heavy-Duty Miter Saw Blade

You always need to have the best miter saw blade in place. The best blade should deliver special grind, and it should be installed with negative hook angle in order to prevent melting. The most convenient blade is one that is made of carbide material, since carbide blades are long-lasting. Your choice of blade should factor in the diameter size; there are two essential diameter sizes, which include 10-inch blade and 12-inch blade.

The best blade; therefore, is one that is engineered for optimal performance when ripping or crosscutting. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the saw blade you choose is well-balanced, and it is made of anti-vibration design.

Laser Guides

Laser guides shoot a laser beam directly on to your work piece for exact alignment and precise cuts. This is a very important accessory in modern woodworking. Most of the latest miter saws, including compound and sliding types are installed with modern laser maker technology.

However, you can always upgrade an older version of a miter saw with the latest laser guides. The best laser guide should fit a range of blade diameters, including 12-inch, 10-inch, 8¼-inch, 8-inch, and 7¼-inch. The laser guide you choose should also be equipped with recessed laser design, in order for it to protect the laser from striking the workpiece on deep cuts.

Crown Molding Jigs

There are many crown molding jigs in the market that can make crown cutting easy. You can always use the best crown molding jigs to make precise cuts and avoid tedious trial and error. The best jig is one that provides right-side-up cutting orientation instead of backwards and upside-down crown cuts.

Your choice of a crown molding jig should consider one that has adjustable angle setting, along with angle finders; these features will make it possible for you to cut common crown molding spring angles. The jig design needs to be incorporated with an indented cutting face, which is convenient when dealing with dentil-style detailed crown molding.

Workstation Tool Mounting Brackets

These accessories are engineered for use with a miter saw workstation. The best tool mounting brackets should be made of non-marring feet, since they will not scratch your work piece. You need to engage mounting brackets that are incorporated with easy-release attachment clamps. This will provide you with the ability of fast attachment as well as detachment of a tool. They should conveniently have tough feet, making it possible for the tool to be placed on a flat surface and used on a flat surface. Always make sure that the tool mounting brackets you choose make for fast as well as easy setup of your miter saw.

Miter Saw Stand Material Support and Stop

The best miter saw stand workpiece support and stop is one that is wider and long-lasting to withstand tough jobsite conditions. You need to settle for an accessory that provides the much needed support for wider work-pieces when making crosscuts. The most desirable material support is the 15-inch wide model, which has a flip-up stop. The flip-up stop is useful for quick conversion to a cut-stop. Furthermore, you need to go for a material support and stand that is compatible with your miter saw stand.

Miter Saw LED Work-Light System

The best miter saw work-light system is one that is engineered to deliver the benefits of a miter saw laser maker. It does this without the need of tedious recalibration before each cutting session. The best work-light system should be able to cast a preferred shadow from your miter saw blade and onto your workpiece; hence guiding you on proper alignment and precise cut.

The casted shadow makes it possible for you to create quick, precision cuts. In addition, this work-light system will effectively illuminate your work area for better visibility, productivity and safety. With that said, you should choose a LED work-light system that is compatible with your miter saw.

These are among the most essential miter saw accessories you should have when operating a miter saw; however, there are other accessories that you can always add in your miter saw kit.