Eva-dry Renewable E-333 Wireless Mini Dehumidifier Review



Eva-dry Renewable E-333 is an advanced TECs technology mini dehumidifier that is particularly designed for small compartments dehumidification. The unit is wireless and it is 100% renewable. It works better in small spaces, such as clothes closets.

This is the kind of dehumidifier you need when you do not have adequate ventilation in your bathroom, since it will reduce the level of humidity successfully, and at the same time get rid of musty smells. A feature unique to this dehumidifier is the plugging in to get rid of collected moisture, and then recharge the unit. You will love the portability and resourcefulness of this mini dehumidifier.

Important Features and Specs

This model is designed to pack a safe as well as silent punch to eliminate excess humidity from various small spaces, including bathrooms, RVs, boats, safes, kitchen sinks and even clothes closets. The unit has state-of-the-art design and operation. It is installed with a renewable silica gel technology that operates just fine without power or batteries. You can conveniently place the renewable solution in an area of 333 cubic feet, which will silently and effectively absorb excess moisture.

The dehumidifier is installed with an indicator window that is mounted with crystals that will change color from blue to pink when a capacity of 4-6oz is reached. The maximum capacity may be reached from two to four weeks with respect to the prevailing conditions.

When the crystals are pink, you can then plug in for 8 to 10 hours in a perfect ventilated space. Afterwards, the crystals will turn back to blue, and you may then put the device to use. Unlike other dehumidifiers in the market, this mini dehumidifier does not subject you to messy spills or refills to buy. Regardless of whether or not the unit is at full capacity, it will rarely leak even a single drop.

This mini dehumidifier is engineered to trap moisture from the atmosphere of your small space, and then it contains the moisture until such times the unit is ready to renew. This is the most preferred mini dehumidifier for closets, all you need to do is hang your Eva-dry Renewable E-333 in your closet and get rid of any moisture.

Eva-dry Renewable E-333 weighs 1.2 pounds and it measures 2.8 by 9 by 8.3, making it ultraportable and compact. It has a maximum capacity of 4-6oz. The unit has the ability of removing up to 8oz of excess moisture in every twenty four hours, and it works best in areas of up to 333.0 cubic feet.

The system is 100% wireless and it is 100% renewable. The unit is not biodegradable, concentrated or flammable, and it is not rinse required. The unit blocks as well as prevents mildew and molds and it is odorless. The unit’s product dispenser type is a plastic bottle, and the product size is 18oz.


  • This mini dehumidifier uses renewable technology, which operates without power or batteries, making it the most economical mini dehumidifier to buy. With its renewable capabilities, the unit will effectively get rid of excess humidity in a space of up to 333 cu. Ft.
  • The system is resourceful, since it does not produce messy spills or excess refills to buy. The unit will infrequently leak a drop, even at its full capacity. It not only traps moisture, but contains it until it is ready to renew.
  • Eva-dry Renewable E-333 is an ideal dehumidifier to use with washing machines. All you need to do is place the unit in your washing machine once you are done with the laundry, and it will effectively get rid of moisture that usually creates bad odor.
  • The unit is highly versatile; you can use it for eliminating moisture in your clothes closet, remove odors from your gym bag, and will keep excess moisture out of your bathroom.


  • The unit may fail to work at times; the crystal color may not change; hence making you incur additional costs.

Who Should Buy

You should buy Eva-dry Renewable E-333 if you want your clothes not to absorb odors in the closet. You should know that excess moisture will always find its way into your closet. This is an ideal mini dehumidifier to buy for eliminating moisture in your washing machine. The unit will effectively get rid of moisture in your washer. The dehumidifier is a convenient unit to use in combating kitchen humidity, including the following compartments: cabinets, pantry and kitchen sink.


You will be impressed with the performance of Eva-dry Renewable E-333, since it delivers as expected. This is an ultraportable, compact mini dehumidifier that uses renewable technology. At an affordable price, you are presented with the best dehumidification. The dehumidifier’s design is ergonomic and easy to use. Well, the renewable technology among other unique features of this product should be more than enough reasons for you to make purchase.