Evenflo Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump Review



Every mother wishes that her child gets the best. Be it nutrition, education or clothes. Every parent wants to shower their little bundle of joy with all the love that they have got and give them the best caring. This is the reason why they think twice before buying anything, be it skin care products or their clothes. Then why do they compromise on their baby’s nutrition and settle for something like man made powdered formula that lacks all the important constituents, antibodies, vitamins, minerals and everything in between.

If you have any pain during lactation or any other problem, unless otherwise to avoid lactation by your doctor, you should try the breast pumps. Evenflo’s new breast pump is easy to use, affordable and has all the qualities required for a good pumping machine.

Features and Specifications

Evenflo’s comfort electric breast pump is made up of a plastic exterior with a suction motor, a control dial, a storage bottle and an overflow valve. This pump is very easy to use and is easily affordable. So if you are a new parent, or you have never been exposed to any other breast pumps then this one works significantly well. As the parts are easy to assemble and there aren’t many complicated steps to go through to get your milk flowing, all you have to do is to turn the switch on and leave it to the machine.

  • Suction Pump

    Like many other breast pumps, this one also consists of a suction pump. Suction pumps work on the principle of creating an empty vacuum space which increases the internal pressure and forces the mammary gland to secrete milk that is already stored in it. The massaging pad on the outside helps to stimulate and create the rhythmic motions that your baby makes just before nursing. There is a dial outside through which you can adjust the suction power from minimum to maximum.

    It depends on how powerful you want, hence giving you the opportunity to choose the speed and power instead of the speed selected by manufacturers. Some customers have complained that the suction pump makes a lot of noise and they always find it disturbing especially at night when you are using the machine to feed your child. Some customers have also complained for it being very unreliable, that it sometimes works well but after few uses it gets worn out and you have to buy another one.

  • Both Manual and Electric

    This suction pump works through an adapter that has to be connected for proper usage all the time. But if you are traveling and you still want to give your child your own milk instead of any other variety then too you can do that easily, all you will need to do is use the batteries instead. This way you can very easily carry the product with you wherever you want.

    Another great option that makes it travel friendly is that it has a 4 ounces bottle that can be used for filling, or storage or even traveling. Just pop the lid on and keep it somewhere safe and you can feed your child your milk whenever you want.

  • Over Flow Valve

    Another good feature in this device is the addition of the valve. This valve is of the color lavender that not only gives it a soft touch but also helps to indicate when the bottle full is. Through this you will know when to press the stop button.

  • Packaging

    This device is packaged in very few parts, so you don’t have to worry about assembling them all together thus making it easier and less time consuming for you to put them all together. The whole package consists of a pump unit, 125 ml collection bottle, nipple ring cap, 4 nursing pads and a carry case.


  • Travel friendly
  • Works on both batteries and electricity
  • Affordable
  • Overflow valve prevents spillage
  • Suction dial lets you decide the suction power


  • Noisy
  • Unreliable
  • No memory function
  • Unanswerable customer service

Who Should Buy

If you are a new parent and you intend to use a breast pump but you cannot afford to buy something that costs more than this product is good under $50. You can easily provide your child breast milk while also not causing you any problem in your budget allotment. However, the power battery and suction pump are not reliable; they can break down any minute.

Hence this product has met with a wide array of criticism from the market that prefers to use their money on some other product of the same range that is durable.


Easy to operate and affordable are two leading requisites of this device. However its durability is a question mark and hence buying something that you know isn’t going to last you long will not be a clever investment. So survey your market and see what it has to offer before pointing out this product.