Evenflo Nurture Infant Car Seat, Button Floral Review



These days with the new laws, it is illegal to travel with your child who is not restrained by a car seat. It is necessary for a child to be seated safely in a car seat to avoid any harm during accidents or sudden jerks. This is when the sudden surge of car seats took place and new parents started digging out in the markets the best car seats that they could for themselves. It is why this is required for them to have a bevy of products to choose from according to their taste and how much their pocket can handle.

Features and Specifications

Evenflo car seat provides all the basic needs that are required in a good car seat. From a comfortable top seat to side impacts resistant, car seat base to the floral design cover, 5 point harness to hand carry system; this car seat contains every element that is considered staple for every car seat available in town today.

  • Top Seat

    The top seat is made up of comfortable foam that cushions your baby just right. In its early days knowing that the vertebral bones are not just formed and a baby cannot hold itself on its back properly we need to always support its back with our hand. But with the Evenflo baby seat we do not have to worry about this.

    The foam will help to hold your baby just right and provide it the cushioning it needs. The fabric over is also made up of great quality so that your baby while lying down gets the best and there is no compromises on its skin causing rashes and other allergic reactions.

  • Side Impact Resistant

    As this car seat is catering to those children and new born who are between 5 and 22 pounds in weight, they need maximum fixation and support. Even the slighted of jerks can produce harmful for the child.

    Hence why we hold the baby with maximum care and try to make sure that it doesn’t moves about in any way in our lap. This is the same insurance that you will get from this car seat. The car seat is tried and tested for proving this point and can be of very good value to keep the baby well cushioned in its place.

  • Harness

    The five point harness is made in order to keep the child in place without giving away any room to move about. As it is specifically for new born to infants, children of such age are very small and tend to be moved about even by slightest of movement.

    It is the reason why adults have only one seat belt to keep them in place and these children have 5 to support them well. The harness can be adjusted according to the Childs weight and height and hence can be modified as the child grows.

  • Seat Base

    The car seat is marketed with its car base. This car base is also provided separately from the product as well as with the product. So if you find any damage in your seats base or if due to any accident the part is broken then you can easily buy a new one without needing to buy the whole product. The car seat can be adjusted on top of the car seat base or without it; the option is open for you whichever way you like.

  • Affordability

    In the midst of the car seats many of which are usually very expensive, this one belongs to that rare category of a good quality car seat under $50. This makes the car seat not only extremely affordable and likeable buy also one of its kind.


  • Cheap
  • Floral design looks good
  • Canopy
  • Side impact resistant
  • Seat base available separately
  • Can be installed with or without base
  • Easy to install
  • Hand carry


  • Light color is dirt prone
  • Cannot be used comfortably for children more than 22 pounds of weight
  • No stroller compatibility option

Who Should Buy

If you are one of those parents who want to buy a product that is not just of good quality but also is of a low price range then this product is perfect for you. You get all the features that are considered staple good for any car seats like a five point harness, comfortable foam seat, sun protection canopy, seat base that is available separately as well, and a side impact resistance. These points make the product a must have for all the new moms and dads out there who do want their child’s safety and cannot compromise much on their monthly budget as well.


Affordable, good looking, good quality, what else do you want in a good car seat. Sure it lacks some of the glamorous features of the other car seats out there, but despite all that it contains all that is required to provide a supportive and comfortable ride to your child.