Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate Review



If you are looking for a baby gate which can fit to wider openings and you can use it at playrooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, stairs, hallways, and doorways then Evenflo® Soft & Wide™ Gate is the product for you. It has got all the basic elements of easy installation, portable to take it at different parts, will not cause any scratches on your walls, and will do what it needs to do.


Important Features and Specs

The users are very satisfied with its features and remark it as a budget friendly barrier between rooms.

  • Extra Wide

    The gate’s barrier is made from fabric and its frame is of metal. It is installed through pressure mount system and can cover openings up to 5 feet wide. This means you can cover virtually any area of your house. It helps to keep your babies secure from all the dangers in your house.

  • Easy Installation

    The gate surprisingly gets installed very quickly instead of its extra width. The horizontal rods, one for top and one for bottom, only needs to be twisted to start them operate. This allows it to fit the uneven openings as well. The same needs to be done to remove them and keep them in your store. Further, the fabric also can be taken out to clean and wash them. Users have been able to install the gate in just 5 minutes as well regardless of the area it needs to be installed.

  • Strength and Durable

    Even at the maximum width, the strength of this gate is very good. Also the fabric mesh does not allow the gate to be shaken by children. The infants can lean against it, push on it and even hung from it but it will not break.

  • Portability

    Users really love this gate because it is very easy to move around. The situation arises when you have some guests coming and you want to use the gate somewhere else. Also there are times when you have to move into another house. The good thing about its portability is that it gets disassemble partially and can be rolled to a 6 inches diameter tube.

  • Fabric

    The fabric is strong and likewise steel it does not allow pets to pass from it or even damage because of its sturdy stitching. The cats with dangerous paws also would not be able to push the fabric out of place or outside because the fabric ensembles and draws tightly. It is also removable and washable so you can easily clean and sanitize when you think it is needed to do so.

  • Step Over

    It is an ideal kitchen gate as you can step over it to pass through. When going in kitchen, sometimes you do not have even one hand free to open the door so stepping over is a good choice. The gate’s height (a little more than 27 inches) comes to middle area of thigh for a normal height person.

Other Features

The gate is designed so it suits the home decor as well. The styling is not inclined to one type of decor so it would fit every type of decor and will not stand alone. It has rubber bumper installed which are non-marring which helps in preventing any damages to your house.


  • Extra wide
  • Hassle free installation
  • Washable in machine


  • Not for high traffic areas
  • There are no extensions
  • There isn’t any doorway

Who Should Buy

If you need something to contain to your children and the opening is very wide then Evenflo and Soft and Wide Gate is an ideal choice for you. You would be pleased with this gate. It does not have any bars so kids can’t climb through the gate to get to the other side. The fabric mesh does not provide anything to grab and climb. The kids will remain inside the premises and will not try to play with the gate as it does not have anything to offer them. You also would need this gate if you have to remove the gate too often as it can easily be removed and carried around.

The house with pets can use it with relief as whatever the mess pet crate on gate, you can take out the fabric anytime and wash it. The extra width offers too much to cover any type of opening and even the large hallways.


To sum up, once you purchase and use this gate you would fall in love with it. You open the box and assemble it in maximum 10 minutes. You can adjust it up to 5 feet wide openings regardless they are even or uneven with the help of two tension rods on top and bottom. The fabric is inside avoids kids climbing and is durable so pets cannot do anything to it. The children could do all sorts of effort but all would be in vain and you can look at it and be relieved.