Is It Safe to Exercise When Pregnant


Exercise is good for the body and there’s really no doubt about that. It can strengthen your muscles, improve your balance, boost your flexibility and more. However, if you are pregnant, you might think twice about starting out or continuing your workout routine. You might wonder: is it safe to exercise when pregnant?

Ask your healthcare provider first

Always ask your healthcare provider first before starting, continuing or modifying your exercise routine. If you were exercising regularly before you got pregnant and there’s no complication in your pregnancy, you can probably continue your routine. Of course, with a growing belly, you should expect to do a few modifications.

If you’re not clear to engage in a workout routine, ask your doctor about what activities you can do that won’t put your baby at risk. He may recommend yoga or walking as they aren’t that stressful for you and the baby.

Avoid the dangerous sports

Activities that are likely to throw you off balance should be off of your list. You should also avoid activities that require rapid movements. You can try cycling in your early pregnancy but once you get to the last few months, you should try to get a stationary bike.