How To Expand Your Vocabulary


Having a good vocabulary has lots of advantages not only in your professional but also in your personal life so it’s important to expand your vocabulary. If your vocabulary is limited, don’t worry because there are lots of things you can do to expand your vocabulary so you can sound smarter, be more confident and articulate. There are also applications on mobile that you can use to improve your vocabulary. Here are some mobile apps if you want a bigger vocabulary.

Benefits of Self-Confidence

If you expand your vocabulary, there is a good chance that you will also improve your confidence and this is a great achievement in so many ways. There are plenty of ways you can benefit from self-confidence. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Performance

    Lack of confidence can hinder you from achieving your optimal performance. Confidence, on the other hand, helps you overcome obstacles. You can also better pursue skills that you already have to succeed. People in certain fields like athletes, entrepreneurs, public speakers, and actors all rely on self-confidence to be good at their jobs.

  • Happiness

    People with healthy confidence are happier and more satisfied with their lives than those who lack self-confidence, report shows. It can help you face the world with more energy and determination. This results in better relationships, good quality of work, a feeling of connection to your surroundings. Confident people influence others more easily as well and have better control of their emotions and behavior.

  • Health

    Positive self-esteem and confidence are indicators of good mental health. Children who grow up with confidence in their own abilities tend to do better in school. They also take better care of themselves and excel in sports. Confident teens can also withstand peer pressure and make decisions with their best interests in mind. Of course, you also need to take better care of your physical health like getting a well-rested sleep. This guide on the best memory foam pillow will help you get your much-needed shuteye.

  • Socialization

    Confident people are more relaxed in social settings and when meeting new people. Because they have an internal belief in themselves and not based on the judgment of others, they can move freely without the fear of rejection. Self-confidence provides a high level of comfort when facing new challenges. People who are more confident are more enthusiastic about their future and this shows in the way they walk, talk and how they hold themselves. They also attract people to them.

Learning a language can also rewire your brain. This is good to know when you also want to expand your vocabulary in a second language.

How to Expand Your Vocabulary

So what can you do to expand your vocabulary?

  • Read

    There is no better way to expand your vocabulary than to read and keep reading. The more you read, the more you will expose yourself to words. It’s great to read novels and literary works but you can also read magazines and newspapers. As you read and encounter new words, try to derive meaning from the context of the sentences and look them up in the dictionary.

  • Keep A Dictionary

    Whether it’s a print version, a mobile app, or a website, it’s important to always carry a dictionary or a thesaurus. When there’s a new word that you don’t know, look it up in the dictionary to learn its pronunciation and understand its meaning. This is a good way to expand your vocabulary. You can use the thesaurus to find similar words and phrases and also learn their opposites.

  • Journal

    Keep a list of the new words that you learn so you can look back at them and slowly incorporate them into your everyday vocabulary. This will quickly and effectively expand your vocabulary. It will also encourage you to learn more new words.

  • One Word Per Day

    It’s important to learn at least one word per day. Never skip it. Use a calendar or make one and develop your own list of words to learn. This is a great and effective technique to learn new words and expand your vocabulary.

  • Word Games

    You can play word games that challenge you and help you discover new meanings as well as new words to expand your vocabulary. This is a fun tool in your quest. Examples of games include crossword puzzles, anagrams, word jumble, scrabble, and Boggle. You can play with your friends or alone in your free time. You don’t even have to buy the physical game. You can play on websites or download them. Take a look at these free online word games.

  • Conversations

    One of the most effective ways to improve your language skills overall and help expand your vocabulary is to constantly engage in conversations. Talk with other people to help you discover new words. Once you hear a new word, remember to write it down or take note of it on your smart devices so you can look it up later. Slowly add these new words to your vocabulary.

Here are some books that would help you expand your vocabulary:

Barron’s SAT Vocabulary Flash Cards, 2nd Edition

Practice Makes Perfect Mastering Vocabulary

Other Tips

Here are other things you can do to expand your vocabulary.

  • Set Goals

    You should commit to building your vocabulary so it’s important to set a realistic goal for yourself. Incorporate your new words in your speech and writing. Make a conscious effort to learn new words and remember to use them. Start small. Try learning three words per week first and once you are comfortable with it, increase the number. Ideally, you should learn one new word per day.

  • Use Post-Its

    Another great and practical way to expand your vocabulary is to do some simple memorization techniques. Hang post-its with the definition of a word that you want to memorize somewhere you can easily see like your coffeemaker. Study it while preparing your cup of coffee.

  • Write More

    Actively flex your muscles so you can expand your vocabulary. Write letters, compose emails, or participate in group discussions and remember to use the new words that you learn.