Does Eyebrow Pencil Stop Growth


If you have thin eyebrows, filling them in with an eyebrow pencil is one way to make them look fuller. However, as you apply the product daily, you might notice your eyebrows getting thinner. Does eyebrow pencil stop growth or is it just your imagination?

Good news- it doesn’t!

Experts agree that they didn’t have any brow hair loss experience or seen their clients’ brows fall out because of eyebrow pencils. However, it’s the way you wax or pluck your eyebrows that can thin them out over time.

Now, if you aren’t tweezing or waxing your eyebrows frequently and they are still becoming thinner, it could be your diet. Not getting enough vitamins in your diet can affect your brows’ growth.

It could also be a thyroid issue. Along with thinner brows, other signs that signal that you have a thyroid problem include dry skin, fatigue, feeling low, and difficulty shedding off the extra pounds. Your eyebrows can also get thinner as you age.

As with application, be gentle in filling your brows as much as possible. Don’t put too much stress on your brow hairs and be sure to remove the product before you sleep. Try to invest in a good makeup remover to make sure that no product will clog your pores.