Festool Kapex KS 120 Sliding Compound Miter Saw Review



Festool Kapex KS 120 takes sliding compound miter saw one step further. By combining a bevel cut with a miter cut, this type of saw can make compound miters. The capacity of this miter saw surpasses that of a conventional miter saw. This unit is incorporated with a rail forward design that is instrumental in increasing precision, along with creating a compact footprint.

A feature unique to this miter saw is its high performing dual laser, which provides accurate aligned cuts both from left and right. The unit is highly user friendly, given the fact that it is incorporated with micro-adjustable bevel angle, which is mainly integrated with fine pointers, large bevel scale, and up-front rotary knob.

Important Features and Specs

Due to its rail-forward -design the miter saw is known to be compact and precise. This form of design prevents head plays and offers you accurate cuts. This miter saw comes in a dual laser design, which ensures that you get accurate setups. The lasers define the material that is eliminated during the cutting process and its design allows you to line up cuts from both the right and left side.

The saw’s lasers are electrically powered hence no batteries are required. It is also made up of three axis adjustment controls that offer you easy tuning of the lasers. The saw also consist of a center-positioned handle that will enable you to make accurate cuts with either your left or right hand. Its two stage trigger prevents accidents like accidental triggering. Its stainless-steel miter scale provides you large and easy to read angles of up to 50 degrees left and 60 degrees right. The unit comprises of a miter lock that holds onto your desired setting, which prevents accidental movements and maintains accurate measurements. Its miter-fast angle transfer device allows you to quickly transfer inside as well as outside angles from your work space to the miter.

The unit comprises of a micro-adjustable bevel angle that allows you to make right and left bevels. Its up-front rotary knob that features three settings allows you to control bevels of every cut within specific portions of a degree. The miter is designed with a nonslip keyed clamp which allows you to make insertions and also remove materials easily. The unit uses thin-kerf blades that are versatile and they reduce the miters noise level, reduces stress on the units motor and dampens vibrations hence allowing clean cuts.

This miter saw offers various speed controls from 1400-3400 rpm; this offers you worthy outcomes when working with a wide range of materials. The units constant speed monitoring enables it to maintain constant blade speeds even under heavy loads. This also allows it to offer you clean and constant results. The miters overload protection increases its durability while its soft-start technology prevents shocks at start-up, in addition to improving your control over cuts.

Kapex KS 120 is a 29 by 23 by 19.8 inch miter saw that weighs 47 pounds; this makes it a light weight unit that is easy to carry around the area of work. Its integrated dust port has the capability of accepting both 27 and 36 millimeter hoses to direct dust away. Festool Kapex KS 120 miter saw also comes in with a 60-tooth carbide blade, wrench, a hold down clamp and an angle transfer device.


  • The miter saw is design is installed with a dual laser, which guarantees accurate setups, by defining the amount of material that will be detached from your work piece.
  • The miter saw is highly resourceful as well as versatile, since it is incorporated with accurate miter scale; angle transfer and miter lock for maximum cutting experience.
  • The miter saw has fine bevel adjustment, along with secure bevel lock; in addition to keyed clamp as well as compact rail forward design.


  • Chances are that the dual laser performance may deteriorate after a few rounds of use.

Who Should Buy

Festool Kapex KS 120 is the appropriate cutting gear for a person who is after precision cutting with minimal or no deflection. This tool provides you with a bevel system that makes certain you enjoy cutting your work piece. Apart from being compact, the unit is also light and convenient for different experience levels. Therefore the miter saw is recommended for people who are fond of do-it-yourself wood work.


Festool Kapex KS 120 is a modern sliding compound miter saw that uses the latest laser guide technology. The dual lasers installed in this cutting gear helps to conveniently line up cuts on contoured molding where the blade cannot possibly touch the cutting line directly.

Well, the dual lasers among other unique features should be more than enough reasons for you buy this consumer product. Unlike other miter saws that you must confirm the performance by doing simple cutting tests, this particular model is designed to be used on any work piece without testing the performance.