How to Fix A Cracked Flat Iron Plate


Hair straighteners don’t always come cheap and buying a new one each time yours break can burn holes in your wallet. That is probably one good reason why you want to know how to fix a cracked flat iron plate.


To fix a cracked flat iron plate, you simply need to replace the pieces with crazy glue. Unfortunately, that’s not the most ideal solution.


Well, for one, not all types of glue can withstand too much heat. If you use one that can’t stand the intense heat, it can melt into your hair and that can cause more problems.

In addition to that, replacing the pieces of your hair straightener’s plates require precision. If you replace the pieces unevenly, you can end up damaging your hair.


While it’s cost-effective to fix your hair straightener on your own, it’s not the most ideal thing to do. You can end up causing more problems for you and your hair.

If you really need to replace your broken hair tools, there are a lot of reliable hair straighteners on the market these days. If you pick carefully, you’ll be able to find one that can fit your budget and needs.