How to Fold Yoga Mat


While yoga mats don’t really take a lot of space during storage, you need to fold them in a specific way to make sure they don’t get damaged in your cabinet. If you’re wondering about the proper way to do that, here’s how to fold yoga mat.

There are actually two ways to do that and for your convenience, we’ll teach you both:

Option 1: Fold it halfway

This method is super easy. Just fold the mat halfway first before you roll it. Despite being easy, however, it’s not the most ideal way to keep your mat. Folding it can cause creases to form in the middle part causing your mat to not lay flat.

Option 2: The better method

This method is the more ideal way of keeping your yoga mat when not in use. For this, you’ll need to place a cotton cloth of the same size as your yoga mat. Place it on top of your mat before rolling it the regular way.

The extra cloth prevents all the gunk from the floor from getting on your mat. Take note that you can’t use towels for this method since they’ll make the mat too thick when rolled.

For more tips, know how to clean your yoga mat. It’s also important for you to know the ideal length and the right thickness for your mat.